10 Lessons Of The Recent Flu Season

By Michelle Goldstein

The recent winter flu season of 2017-2018 witnessed numerous news headlines warning of terrible flu outbreaks and countless deaths. With these warnings came stern recommendations for Americans to get their flu shots, followed by suggestions to take prescription Tamiflu if recommended by one’s physician. Many Americans followed and preached this advice to others.

The news reports circulated among holistic health communities and a minority of mainstream media outlets were quite different. Health reports spread of the flu vaccine’s failure to prevent flu, while also spreading and causing the flu itself. The flu vaccination was reported to cause death and paralysis in the form of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Integrative physicians shared well-documented research proving that Tamiflu was ineffective at treating flu, with increasing risks of deaths and frightening hallucinations. Statistical manipulation of flu data and deaths was reported as part of a sales campaign to market flu vaccinations. Integrative doctors recommended safer and more effective protocols for preventing and treating the flu.

Discerning the real truth in conflicting reports can be challenging. Will Americans continue to follow doctors’ orders regarding flu prevention and treatment in spite of the controversy and evidence to the contrary? Growing numbers of individuals are wisely opting out of the flu vaccine and using natural immune boosters and treatments.

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Winter Flu Season Headlines

The major news outlets carried numerous reports of the flu epidemic and serious health consequences, including deaths, but these reports didn’t report the full story. The public was urged to get their flu vaccination, in spite of low effectiveness rates, with promises that the vaccine would still be helpful to shorten the flu’s duration and seriousness. [1-6]

The following are ten lessons from the recent flu season.

1. The flu vaccine is a failure.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s own report from February 2018 estimated flu vaccines’ effectiveness at 36%.

A report in the New England Journal of Medicine estimates that this year’s flu vaccine was likely only 10% effective against influenza A (H3N2). [7]

Integrative Drs. Wolfsons argue that the flu vaccine actually contributes to causing the flu, rather than preventing it. The toxins and poisons contained in vaccinations lower one’s immunity to fight all illnesses, including influenza. These toxins include mercury, formaldehyde, detergent and the flu virus. Researchers at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that women who received the flu vaccine had a weakened immune system response in subsequent years. The CDC has reported that older adults have a lower protective immune response after flu vaccinations, making them more susceptible to the flu. [8]

2. Those vaccinated are more likely to spread the flu.

Several research studies have shown that those vaccinated are more likely to spread disease. In the case of the flu vaccination, vaccinated individuals shed 6.3 times more flu virus just by breathing, compared to those unvaccinated. This fact is extremely important because it means vaccinated individuals are more likely to spread the flu to those ill and weakened.

The given reason for mandated flu vaccinations for hospital employees is protection of the weak and ill, when, in fact, vaccinated hospital employees are increasing the risk of making patients ill. Coming into close contact with someone recently vaccinated is a health hazard, increasing the risk of spreading influenza, a fact most health experts and hospital administrators conveniently ignore. [9, 10]

3. Tamiflu drug used to treat flu causes death and frightening hallucinations.

Tremendous independent research has proven that Tamiflu does not decrease the length of the flu and, in fact, is quite dangerous. Numerous news sources reported children suffered severe hallucinations, some leading to suicide. The Tamiflu drug was also reported to cause death in several instances, and death is listed as a side effect of the medication. In one study on Tamiflu, 50 out of the 80 deaths caused by Tamiflu were from cardiopulmonary arrest, the very same cause of most flu deaths. Tamiflu-caused deaths are often incorrectly attributed to the flu. [11, 12]

4. Statistical manipulation of flu data shows flu to be more widespread than is the reality.

Combining pneumonia statistics with flu statistics is a widespread practice and has occurred for many years. This combining of data greatly inflates the number of flu deaths reported, giving the appearance of a serious epidemic. Data also shows that since October 2017, only 14.7% of the almost 447,000 flu specimens tested by CDC laboratories actually tested positive for influenza. [13]

5. The CDC has used inaccurate flu statistics combined with media scares to sell more vaccinations to the public.

The CDC has been found guilty of using the media and false flu statistics to sell more vaccinations, as part of a huge marketing campaign of deception and misinformation. Their primary objective is to sell more vaccinations, not prevent influenza.

6. Flu vaccine dangers are numerous and include increased risk of flu, Guillain-Barre syndrome and death.

Flu vaccinations decrease one’s immunity causing one to be more susceptible to developing flu and other illnesses. [14]

7. The flu vaccine is one of the most awarded in court for vaccine injuries.

Millions of dollars have been awarded for vaccine injuries in the vaccine court created by the United States government in 1986 to protect pharmaceutical companies from any liability damages caused by their vaccines. Of 70 compensated cases in 2013, 60% were awarded for health damages caused by the flu vaccination, including money awarded for those paralyzed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, suffering with other neurological disorders, blindness and death. [15]

8. The flu vaccine can cause sepsis, which mimics flu, leading to death.

Important research and evidence points to the flu vaccination causing a cytokine storm, overwhelming one’s immune defenses which can lead to sepsis and then death. The flu vaccine is never correctly blamed for these deaths, but instead, the individual is reported as dying from complications of the flu. Dr. Greg Martin, an emergency care doctor at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, describes sepsis as the great masquerader because if often fools physicians into believing it is the flu. Sepsis is the third most common cause of death in America.

9. Growing numbers are opting out of flu vaccines.

Nurses and physicians are fighting to maintain their right to not vaccinate and keep their employment in hospitals. They are researching independently the facts surrounding the flu vaccine and correctly concluding that the risks outweigh any benefits of this vaccination.

10. Better, safer and more effective alternative treatments exist to prevent and treat the flu.

Vitamin C, particularly liposomal C, is an excellent, safe and effective treatment for flu symptoms. 1,000 mg can be taken every 1-2 hours, up to 5,000 mg daily or more. Consume cod liver oil containing vitamins A and D, important boosters for one’s immune system, along with eating nutrient-dense foods. The following articles provide more details on alternative, safe immune boosters. [16, 17]

Summary and Lessons

The flu vaccine is reported to be between 10-36% effective, but research shows that this reporting is doubtful. The flu vaccine is linked with serious side effects including flu, paralysis, sepsis, and death. The data presented by mainstream media dramatizes the number of flu cases in order to sell more vaccinations.

The conventional treatment Tamiflu has been shown to cause dangerous hallucinations and death, while making no difference in the course of the flu. Natural, safe alternatives exist to boost one’s immune system and prevent and treat influenza. You choose.


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Michelle Goldstein is a mental health therapist who is passionate about holistic health, natural healing, nutrient-dense foods and the politics that impact them. She has published articles for Natural News, VacTruth (where this article first appeared, and other health websites. All of her published articles to date can be found at her health website, Holistic Health to Go. She can also be followed on her Facebook Page.

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