Can Fear Alone Cause the Flu?

can fear cause flu

By Dr. Scott GravesNatural Blaze

From what I have seen clinically and personally, fear can absolutely be the deciding factor that can determine if we get the flu or not.  Other factors are important too, but fear can push people over the edge.  Chinese medicine has known for thousands of years how destructive negative emotions are not only acutely but how negative events, memories and experiences from the past can powerfully contribute to chronic health problems.

In my own case, after I learned how to release emotions and when I let go of the negative emotions from two memories I had at the age of 4 and 21, I was literally and instantly free of 11 years of horrible life sucking depression.  This opened my eyes to the reality of how destructive negative emotions can be manifesting into the physicality of the body and has become the focal point of my practice.  One of the best books written about this from a Western, research based perspective is the book The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Vander Kolk, M.D.  Past trauma causes health problems.  

Not only can trauma do this, but with regards to the flu, fear and stress can absolutely be the reasons why you get sick.  Western medicine emphasizes the physical body over everything, because most interventions are physical in nature (drugs and surgery).  Yet, the mind is so much more powerful in creating our physical reality than anything else.  This is why the placebo works almost as well as many tested drugs, because the mind can literally heal (or hurt) the body.  

During this flu season, fear has been the pervading negative emotion running rampant around us.  We see people dying on the news, being hospitalized and record numbers of doctor’s visits for the flu this year.  People are afraid and as a result of their fear, they are responding and behaving in certain ways because of their fears getting flu shots and taking tamiflu.  

Is it possible to let go of fear?  

Is it possible to believe that by letting go of fear that your immune system will be stronger?  

We are constantly projecting our internal emotional realities into our physical body.  In the book The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal, she discusses the consciousness or negative emotional factors that are associated with the manifestation of the flu.  It is critical to take responsibility for our internal states, instead of thinking we just fall victim to the latest virus going around.  


“Influenza—Vulnerable, tired, frail. Overwhelmed by the negativity that surrounds you. Feeling like you have to carry heavy burdens that you can’t handle. Feeling invalidated. Confusion and chaos inside you. In need of a “time-out.””

  • Have you been feeling vulnerable lately? Tired?  Weaker than normal?
  • Do you feel overwhelm by all the fear of people getting sick this year?
  • Have you been carrying burdens or responsibilities this time of year that have been particularly heavy and that you are having trouble handling?  
  • Have you felt invalidated lately?
  • Have you been more confused or is your life more chaotic than normal?  
  • Has a flu forced you to slow down or take a “time out” because you have been refusing to pay attention to certain cues your body has been trying to give you?  

Not everyone gets the flu during the season. How is this possible?  What are the factors deciding this?   I fully believe that consciousness or our state of mind has a massive influence on this.  In the clinic, one of the main things I use as a tool for healing is learning how to take responsibility for, become aware of and surrendering or letting go of the negative emotions we feel.   

This may not be the deciding factor behind why all people get the flu, but for some it certainly could be.  By letting go of fear and by having a strong immune system, you can reduce your chances of getting the flu.  If you have a suspicion that negative emotions may be contributing to a health problem you have and would like to explore this, please feel free to call 407-255-0314 to set up a phone consultation.  May you be healthy during this flu season.

Article contributed to Natural Blaze by guest author with permission.

Dr. Scott Graves ND, MA is a Florida-based Naturopath and Intuitive who specializes in Nutrition Response Testing, NAET, EFT, and Psychokinesiology. He offers free 15 minute phone consultations and is available for radio and TV interviews. Read his Blog and hear his PODCAST here. Like him on Facebook.

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