Biohacker Regrets Genetically Modifying Himself: “Somebody is Going to End Up Hurt”

By Markab AlgediNatural Blaze

Recently, some very bad publicity hit this new sort of biotech field, this CRISPR-type “biohacking” pioneered by young people from Silicon Valley.

A guy named Aaron Traywick, a young CEO of biotech company Ascendance Biomedical took the stage at an Austin, Texas “BodyHacking Convention.” He paced around nervously.

He eventually proceeded to inject his left thigh with a highly experimental and therefore dangerous herpes “vaccine” his company created, as he allegedly has herpes. The treatment apparently did not work because no news of its success has been reported.


Worse, he “quickly spiraled into erratic behavior” after injecting himself with it, and he proceeded to turn his biotech startup upside-down.

He barricaded himself inside a Florida lab space for several hours about a week later. Behaving strangely, he changed the locks on the lab space run by his peers who reportedly had gotten upset with Traywick’s “false claims and theatrics.” Perhaps his product contained mercury or aluminum as a lot of vaccines do. Other vaccines have been known to cause psychosis, such as the Yellow Fever shot.

He may indeed have been pushing false claims and defrauding investors as he is now being accused of, but it appears that the thing he injected into himself may be partly to blame for his behavior. A little physical wrestling match occurred between Traywick and one of his peers for the keys to the lab. Why would he barricade himself inside the lab?

According to Gizmodo:

“Traywick’s stage stunt in early February in Texas, in which Traywick claimed the company may have created a vaccine and cure for herpes, attracted much ire from the biohacking community. Some people said such stunts and unsupported claims gave the DIY science community a bad name. Ascendance says it is working to cure cancer, herpes, HIV, and aging. It relies on volunteers to test novel therapies on themselves, a loophole that puts its activities outside of the regulation of the Food and Drug Administration.”

Apparently watching this guy’s experience dissuaded that man we reported on a little while ago, the “biohacker” Josiah Zayner from continuing his efforts with the attitude he had before. Now he is admitting:

“There’s no doubt in my mind that somebody is going to end up hurt eventually.”

He is going to continue running his company “The ODIN,” that sells do it yourself CRISPR kits.

This is the guy who tried to genetically modify himself to be “big and muscly.” He ruthlessly killed off all his gut bacteria and then literally ate a capsule of his friend’s sh*t, his feces, to try and “transplant” the gut bacteria. This person is having to admit that this is a dangerous field.

What field exactly? A kind of Silicon Valley influenced field of experimental biotechnology involving such things as CRISPR seems to be emerging, featuring young businessmen and scientists such as Josiah Zayner and Aaron Traywick.

While we reported on Josiah in a critical manner in the past, he slipped a little something into this statement he gave for a news article which may garner a little bit more respect. He said “The idea that any scientist, biohacker or not, has created a cure for a disease with no testing and no data is more ridiculous than believing jet fuel melts steel beams.”

Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse Of Global Transformation

These people certainly have an admirable ambition, but in my opinion they are on the wrong side. They are trying to pioneer pharmaceutical, biotech solutions to problems that many of us understand are treatable with nutrition, vitamins and minerals, and working with the body’s natural processes rather than trying to allopathically grab hold of the body’s processes and force them to do different things.

One can’t hate the fact that they are trying to evade FDA regulation. That’s certainly positive: but for what? They are seeking high level investors who are no friend of the common people. For instance, the man who may have injured himself with a DIY  “herpes vaccine” attended an annual JP Morgan Health Conference in San Francisco to search for investors. Those bankers and investors are precisely the enemy of the common people: that’s the wrong side.

So here’s a message to these young engineers, with all due respect: you’re associating with the wrong side. Join the naturopaths and truth seekers and we can build something great, or side with the people who make our world hell and contribute something negative to this world. The choice is yours: a clear conscience and a half-full pocket, or a possible lifelong guilt with lots of paper.

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