Big Pharma’s Alzheimer’s Drug Failure: Will There Be a Vaccine for Alzheimer’s?

By Paul A. Philips

Evidence suggests that Big Pharma is developing a new Alzheimer’s vaccine to treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. While this treatment stands to bring in blockbuster drug revenue, there are other advantages for Big Pharma which could lead to much exploitation and manipulation for those receiving the vaccine, as will be explained later.

Taking the case of Alzheimer’s, this is a debilitating illness with its steep, alarming, economic and social implications – at present there are over 5 million sufferers in the USA alone. The Alzheimer’s Association predicts that this figure will have over tripled by 2050.

Too many people continue to put their blind faith in mainstream medicine. There couldn’t be a better case of this than the trust given by baby-boomer-seniors that, one day, Big Pharma will be able to ameliorate debilitating age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.  It may, therefore, come as quite a shock to some that Big Pharma has failed miserably in coming up with effective drugs.

Not so long ago, a couple of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical corporations, Johnson and Johnson together with Pfizer, announced that their joint R&D neuroscience budget venture into Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s had been terminated after a number of human clinical trials the R&D had not been able to come up with drugs to treat the mildest Alzheimer’s cases… 

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Anti-aging treatment – A massive market opportunity

While mainstream medicine openly admits that there has been no effective treatment for the progressive deterioration pertaining to age-related disease, the money-hungry Big Pharma corporations, however, are well-aware that there is still a potentially massive market opportunity which cannot be ignored.

A vaccine for Alzheimer’s

After the failure to come up with effective drugs, will there be a vaccine for Alzheimer’s? Evidence from R&D sources suggests that a vaccine is in the pipeline. Before looking at those R&D sources, let’s consider the advantages of having an Alzheimer’s vaccine from Big Pharma’s point of view.

Alzheimer’s vaccine – exploitation and manipulation waiting to happen

An Alzheimer’s vaccine will have a number of advantages for Big Pharma. However, the advantages favouring Big Pharma create disadvantages for the vaccinated, which could lead to nothing more than exploitation and manipulation, especially to vulnerable seniors.

The advantages

1. Like other vaccines, the Alzheimer’s vaccine would not require any evidence to prove its efficacy when on the market.

2. Unlike drugs, the Big Pharma manufacturers are not legally obligated to pay out for damages resulting from the adverse effects of vaccines.

The vaccine court establishment will only award payouts in cases involving serious adverse reactions from vaccines. There are only a small number of cases that result in payout because:

  • There is not much legal aid being made available for those people seeking tort remuneration from vaccine damage.
  • Most people don’t even know that legal aid exists.
  • The administrative/legal hurdles to get over and finally take the case to court can be very challenging.

When payout is finally awarded, the money comes from the NVICP (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Programme) where funds are held. The funds come from taxes and surcharges from the sales of vaccines.

*Most payouts end up as out-of-court settlements, issued with a gag order.

For example, the claimants, such as the parents of a seriously vaccine damaged child will sign a legal and binding contract which obligates them to not speak out publicly; for instance, not to attract media attention otherwise the funds will be reclaimed. When this settlement occurs, in effect, it frees the defendant (the vaccine manufacturer) from guilt.

Also, note that the manufacturer was not financially liable. The payout came from another source, the NVICP trust fund. How low can it get? That allows the manufacturer, Big Pharma, to get away with seriously injuring or even killing someone with their toxic vaccines

3. Providing it doesn’t cause death or harm, or not cure, an Alzheimer’s vaccine will indeed be quite profitable for Big Pharma.

It wouldn’t go past Big Pharma to consider charging inflated prices as they quash their competitors in the monopoly…

4. Side-effects (collateral damage) would create even more profits from the sales of intervening drugs.

5. Vaccines cause Alzheimer’s!

Vaccines contain aluminium as one of its adjuvants (ingredients). Compelling evidence shows that aluminium causes cognitive decline which is linked to Alzheimer’s. Will the Alzheimer’s vaccine contain aluminium..?

6. Will there be mandatory vaccinations for seniors?

Since its inception, the implementation of laws mandating compulsory vaccination has fueled much debate and acrimonious opposition. Consistent with the old saying “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile,” will the overseeing establishment’s demand for mandatory obedience extend itself into more medical fascism by forcing seniors to receive Alzheimer’s vaccines regardless of their health conditions?

Alzheimer vaccine R&D

Current Alzheimer vaccine R&D stems from 2 theories. The alkaloid cascade hypothesis (ACH) involving a series of biochemical events leading to degeneration, and the tau plaque theory where tau protein is the driver causing Alzheimer’s.

These theories did not provide the way to an effective Alzheimer’s drug but have formed the basis for an immunological approach and resulting vaccine immunotherapy. For more on this, go here.

Alzheimer’s can be avoided

The Big Pharma approach only looks at the symptoms: Alzheimer’s disease can be avoided or may even be reversed through applying a dedicated lifestyle strategy which addresses the root-cause.

The ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is high in saturated fat (low carbohydrate). Foods include fatty/oily fish, avocados, chia seeds, nuts, egg yolks, butter and coconut oil… The ketones produced from the ketogenic diet serve as a source of metabolic fuel for optimal brain function, producing excellent results for both Alzheimer’s prevention and reversal.

Omega fats

An omega-6/omega-3 fats in the above foods are excellent sources of omega fats.

Further dietary recommendations

Make sure you get enough folate. Leafy green veggies are an excellent source of folate, as part of the Alzheimer’s prevention prevention/reversal diet.

Get good magnesium levels as a deficiency in this mineral may lead to Alzheimer’s.

Try intermittent fasting, as this improves fat burning capabilities and looks after your insulin levels.

Avoid heavy meals as this can overburden your insulin system, leading to diabetes and ultimately, dementia.

Overall, shop for real organic food…

Drink plenty of water

Don’t underestimate it! There are many health wonders related to good clean drinking water.

Foods to avoid

Avoid processed foods. If taken long-term and frequent, these unhealthy acid foods may dramatically increase ageing with their high sugar, GMO, chemical-laden, cheap and nasty trans-fats content…  Avoid pasteurized dairy.

Exercise regularly

Even the shortest bursts of physical exercise per day have been known to slow down the aging process.

Exercise your brain regularly with mental tasks

As with exercise, “use it or lose it.”

Handle your stress levels and sleep well


Statins make no difference to heart disease mortality. Statins cause side-effects. One of those side-effects is a CoQ10 deficiency, which leads to heart disease! Evidence shows that lowered cholesterol (statins) may bring on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Seniors need more cholesterol.

Avoid aluminium

As already mentioned another toxin that threatens dementia.


This informative video gives an insight into marijuana as an effective cure for Alzheimer’s.

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his website New Paradigm.

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