5-Year-Old Cured From Seizures on 2 Avocados a Day

leafy avocado seizure cure

By Natural Blaze

Five-year-old Leafy Liu reportedly had her lifelong seizures – 60 per day – erased, after her parents began giving her many avocados each week.

GNN reports:

When Leafy Liu had her first seizure at 6 months old, her parents, Claire and Justin, hoped that the episodes would not last into her childhood – but unfortunately, the seizures persisted.

With Leafy sometimes having as many as 60 fits per day, her parents tried giving her prescription medication to no avail. They moved from their home in England to Perth, Australia in hopes that the warmer weather would help her condition; but that did not work either.

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Finally, after doing some online research, Claire and Justin found some studies claiming that high-fat and low-carb diets can prevent the body from triggering epileptic fits. The Lius decided to give it a shot and start incorporating foods with higher fat content – such as avocados – into their daughter’s diet

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Now that Leafy is five-years-old, she is estimated to have eaten 3,000 avocados in her short lifetime! This averages out to be about two avocados per day. Not only do avocados provide one of the healthiest fats possible, but they are also loaded with potassium.

Leafy (we love that name!) used to have up to 60 seizure fits per day – she now only experiences four seizures per year!

As you might wonder, this expense is no easy feat – Claire and Justin figure they spend £1200 pounds ($1700 dollars!) each year on avocados alone. Ouch! But one imagines that the torment and expense of daily seizures is far outshadowed by the significant difference avocados have made, even if it is not a 100% cure.

Justin told Inside Edition:

It’s a miracle. Almost as soon as she started on the diet, she felt fit, happy, healthier, more relaxed — everything you’d want for your little girl.

When she was at her worst, I could never had envisioned that avocado would be the thing to help her through, but that’s how it’s turned out.


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leafy avocado seizure cure

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