The Strongest Evidence that “Climate Change” is a Strategy to Justify Spraying the Skies


By Markab AlgediNatural Blaze

A great conclusion reached by the most intensive and dedicated independent researchers on geoengineering (seeking an explanation for why our skies are sprayed nearly every day), is this: the mention of global warming or climate change as an imminent threat to humanity by powerful individuals and institutions is a coordinated effort to eventually justify many things, ranging from carbon credits and such, to spraying the skies and engaging in open, full-scale geoengineering.

The theory of climate change is pushed in the media, by governments, by the UN, by academic institutions and scientists, because it’s a key to unlock many doors.

They want to openly spray the skies every day, and convince everyone we need that as a part of everyday life.

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They want to normalize it to the point where hazed-out skies are regarded as a necessary public safety measure. They want hazed-out skies to be about as normal as vaccines.

People seeking answers to why we find the skies sprayed every day have found out about this, and now one of these researchers, Peter A. Kirby, has found some very compelling evidence to support the theory that climate change has always been an excuse to engage in geoengineering or weather warfare.

An article he published at Activist Post is titled “Can We Survive Technology? The Origin of SRM Geoengineering and the Modern Theory of Man-made Global Warming.” Reading from it:

In the course of exposing chemtrails, your author has already found and presented quite a bit of evidence linking the theory of man-made global warming to weather modification and thus the New Manhattan Project. Lately, he has stumbled upon what appears to be the earliest published mention of the modern theory of man-made global warming. In addition, this same reference is undoubtedly the earliest significant mention of the Solar Radiation Management (SRM) geoengineering thesis. The article in question is a 1955 Fortune magazine piece written by the famous Manhattan Project scientist John von Neumann (1903-1957) titled “Can We Survive Technology?” (PDF) This is the most potent evidence yet in support of the assertion that the theory of man-made global warming is a cover story for the biggest scientific effort in history.

If all this stuff about a New Manhattan Project and SRM geoengineering makes zero sense to you, then please review the author’s previous work “Chemtrails Exposed: A History of the New Manhattan Project.” There’s a whole subculture going on down here.

He first found that the earliest mention of man-made climate change as a threat to humanity occurred within the context of geoengineering.

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He discovered that a 1974 CIA document titled “A Study of Climatological Research as it Pertains to Intelligence Problems” expounds upon the notion that humanity’s extinction could be brought about by minor fluctuations in the Earth’s average global temperature.

Then over 40 years later in 2016, CIA Director John Brennan was advising that the skies be sprayed to fight global warming.

Shortly after the floodgates were broken by the CIA director having the audacity to do this, as if they aren’t already spraying, other entities such as Harvard and Carnegie institutions began becoming more vocal in advocating for geoengineering, or solar radiation management.

Then, he found yet an even older reference to climate change, which also is in the context of manipulating the weather.

John von Neuman’s 1955 Fortune magazine article (the magazine owned by Skull and Bones member Henry Luce) titled “Can We Survive Technology?” seems to be an old blueprint of the global warming scare as justification for all-out weather warfare.

Peter noted that his article sets off alarm bells from the very outset, with the first sentence blaring “‘The great globe itself’ is in a rapidly maturing crisis.”

The article continues:

Controlled climate

Let us now consider a thoroughly ‘abnormal’ industry and its potentialities – that is, an industry as yet without a place in any list of major activities: the control of weather or, to use a more ambitious but justified term, climate. One phase of this activity that has received a good deal of public attention is ‘rain making.’ The present technique assumes extensive rain clouds, and forces precipitation by applying small amounts of chemical agents. While it is not easy to evaluate the significance of the efforts made thus far, the evidence seems to indicate that the aim is an attainable one.

But weather control and climate control are really much broader than rain making. All major weather phenomena, as well as climate as such, are ultimately controlled by the solar energy that falls on the earth. To modify the amount of solar energy, is, of course, beyond human power. But what really matters is not the amount that hits the earth, but the fraction retained by the earth, since that reflected back into space is no more useful than if it had never arrived. Now, the amount absorbed by the solid earth, the sea, or the atmosphere seems to be subject to delicate influences. True, none of these has so far been substantially controlled by human will, but there are strong indications of control possibilities.

Wow: his theory about reflecting sunlight back into space like a volcanic eruption is probably the first significant mention of what it is basically the SRM, solar radiation management geoengineering thesis.

Keep in mind, John von Neumann was an extremely renowned scientist and child prodigy, who worked with the Manhattan Project.

John von Neuman

Peter Kirby’s extensive book detailing the history of geoengineering is subtitled A New Manhattan Project because much of the same people who worked on the atomic bomb eventually went to work on what would become the field of geoengineering.

His Fortune magazine piece continues:

The carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by industry’s burning of coal and oil – more than half of it during the last generation – may have changed the atmosphere’s composition sufficiently to account for a general warming of the world by about one degree Fahrenheit. The volcano Krakatao[sic] erupted in 1883 and released an amount of energy by no means exorbitant. Had the dust of the eruption stayed in the stratosphere for fifteen years, reflecting sunlight away from the earth, it might have sufficed to lower the world’s temperature by six degrees (in fact, it stayed for about three years, and five such eruptions would probably have achieved the result mentioned). This would have been a substantial cooling; the last Ice Age, when half of North America and all of northern and western Europe were under an ice cap like that of Greenland or Antarctica, was only fifteen degrees colder than the present age. On the other hand, another fifteen degrees of warming would probably melt the ice of Greenland and Antarctica and produce worldwide tropical to semi-tropical climate.

And there you have it: global warming is caused by man-made carbon dioxide, and this man says we need to spray the skies and block out the sun, basically run a constant program of geoengineering at all times to fix it. Does that sound familiar?

Little more needs to be said. The skies are being sprayed with aluminum, barium, strontium, and who knows what else a particular government might want to sprinkle into the mix nearly every single day, and the powers that be want to spray us even worse, openly, as a means to combat “climate change.”

This is a setup on a large scale, and it requires the ability to see through schemes this convoluted and unbelievable for us to survive in the future.


(Image credit: Matt Landman, CSAuckland, Wiki)

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