Seaweed Could Save the Earth with Biodegradable Edible Packaging

Biodegradable Edible Packaging Seaweed

By Heather CallaghanEditor

Thanks to an Indonesian company with a penchant to clean up the world…

The plastic pollution crisis is so bad, that it’s actually coming back to haunt us in the form of plastic nanoparticles now in our tap water. It’s simply ridiculous to keep churning out petro-chemical waste products that have no outlet – and no ability to breakdown.

For the person who wants a world without plastic waste, every hour of every day must be panic-inducing. Before you get to work you’ve been exposed to phthalates from your shampoo, bottled water, feminine products and perhaps fast food wrapping. What’s worse, none of those packages/wraps will breakdown, but they will kill off the ecology. And there’s just no reason for it…

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Maybe biodegradable edible packaging created from marine vegetation was the answer right under the sea.

Laughing Squid reports:

Evoware has turned to the plentiful and sustainable resource of seaweed to make their cleverly designed line of environmentally friendly, biodegradable product packaging. The packaging is perfect for food as the seaweed although tasteless, is completely edible and nutritious. It can also be used as individual sachets for coffee and tea. The packaging is also good for non-food items such as soap and other dry goods.

edible packaging


It dissolves in warm water, making it a zerowaste product
100% biodegradable and works as a natural fertilizer for plants.
It has 2 years of shelf life, even without preservative
Halal certified, safe to eat and produced in compliance with HACCP standards
Nutritious, contains high fiber, vitamins and minerals
Can be customized to give specific taste, color and brand logo
Printable and heat sealable

You can see that they made toothpicks. Perhaps their products could replace much of the tree-based products that simply take too long to replenish and cannot keep up with consumer needs.

edible packaging

© Evoware

Evoware also turns to local seaweed farmers – yes, that’s a thing! – to fairly and responsibly harvest it. They say they are gathering the best for their products.


What do you think – would you actually devour this edible packaging or throw it out? (Either way sounds good to me!)

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