Thunderclap: Replace NAFTA Day of Action National Call In Today

​Pennsylvania dairy farmer Brenda Cochran says, “The underlying crisis afflicting rural America–rural poverty–is a result of federal agriculture, dairy, food and trade policies that do not provide farmers a fair price–one that covers our costs of production. 
​Farmers do not need NAFTA–we need a fair price–and NAFTA should be terminated unless farmers and workers are paid fairly.”

Replace NAFTANAFTA has helped corporations outsource one million middle-class American jobs, with more and more jobs lost every week.

The terms of this massive corporate power grab are now being renegotiated, with talks happening at this very moment in Washington, D.C.

This could finally be our chance to replace NAFTA and end its damage — but the negotiations are happening behind closed doors with hundreds of corporate advisors granted special access and the public locked out.

TAKE ACTION: Please call your member of Congress now to demand a NAFTA replacement that puts people and the planet before corporations. 

Corporations are fighting to preserve the special powers in NAFTA that make it easier to outsource jobs and to attack our laws before panels of corporate lawyers.

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NAFTA also continues to lack enforceable labor and environmental standards, enabling companies to move U.S. jobs to Mexico to pay workers poverty wages, dump toxins and then import those products back to the U.S. for sale. Workers in Mexico and the U.S. lose while corporate profits soar.

Since NAFTA, Mexico’s already low wages are down 9 percent and U.S. wages are flat, while the price of everything has risen. Unless we rewrite NAFTA, it will keep giving the green light to corporations to outsource American jobs, pushing down wages for everyone.

That’s why TODAY, our nationwide coalition of labor, environmental, consumer, faith and farm groups is holding a #ReplaceNAFTA National Day of Action urging Congress to demand that NAFTA’s renegotiation puts people ahead of corporations.

Call your Representative: 1-877-775-9294

Then, call your Senators: 1-877-750-7411

Here’s what to say:

“Hi this is NAME from CITY. I’m calling to ask the Representative/Senator to please demand that NAFTA’s renegotiation put people ahead of corporations by eliminating NAFTA’s job outsourcing incentives and adding labor, environmental and climate provisions that meet fundamental international standards, include swift and certain enforcement, and raise wages for all workers. A vote should not be held until these essential standards are met.”

Making this call is quick and easy. And it really makes a difference. The #ReplaceNAFTA Call-in Day is a chance for We the People to speak with one loud, unified voice against NAFTA’s corporate greed.

Your member of Congress needs to hear from you today. 

This press alert was shared by National Family Farm Coalition and appears here with permission. Share this alert everywhere! It can be republished with attribution/links intact.

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