Proof That the Zika Virus Does Not Cause Microcephaly

By Arya Vrilya, Natural Blaze

There is not an iota of evidence in the scientific and medical literature of a causal relationship between the Zika virus and microcephaly, contrary to the deceitful and fraudulent claims made by both Tom Frieden/CDC and Margaret Chan/WHO. Furthermore, out of the 404 diagnosed cases of microcephaly in Brazil, the virus has purportedly been found in the tissues of less than 15 babies (0.034%), which does not prove causality let alone correlation.

According to the medical literature, microcephaly is caused by:

– Craniosynostosis: The premature fusing of the joints (sutures) between the bony plates that form an infant’s skull keeps the brain from growing.

– Chromosomal abnormalities. Down syndrome and other conditions may result in microcephaly.

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– Decreased oxygen to the fetal brain (cerebral anoxia). Certain complications of pregnancy or delivery can impair oxygen delivery to the fetal brain.

– Infections of the fetus during pregnancy. These include toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, German measles (rubella) and chickenpox (varicella).

– Exposure to drugs, alcohol or certain toxic chemicals in the womb. Any of these put your baby at risk of brain abnormalities.

– Severe malnutrition. Not getting adequate nutrition during pregnancy can affect your baby’s development.

– Uncontrolled phenylketonuria, also known as PKU, in the mother. PKU is a birth defect that hampers the body’s ability to break down the amino acid phenylalanine.

In fact, in the US there are on average 25,000 diagnosed cases of microcephaly every year (in the absence of the Zika virus). Moreover, although the virus has been widely diagnosed in neighboring Colombia and in both French polynesia and Micronesia, there has been no diagnosed cases of microcephaly in those countries. This further proves that microcephaly is not caused by the Zika virus.

Many independent researchers have linked the “spike” of microcephaly in Brazil (from 147 diagnosed cases in 2014 to 404 in 2015) to a number of plausible factors such as the GM mosquitoes released in the region, the Tdap vaccine administered to pregnant women in late 2014, larvicides (pyriproxyfen) added to the public drinking water supply, and birth-causing pesticides such as glyphosate/Roundup, atrazine, 2,4-D, etc. copiously sprayed in GM soy/crop plantations in Brazil (note: Brazil is the largest consumer of pesticides in the world).

Although it is highly plausible that a synergistic combination of the above factors could be responsible for the “spike” of microcephaly in Brazil, there is to my knowledge no evidence in the scientific and medical literature of any causal relationship between the GM mosquitoes, the Tdap vaccines, the larvicide pyriproxyfen and microcephaly. Further epidemiological studies and research is clearly needed to confirm the causal relationship between the above plausible factors and microcephaly.

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Pesticides, birth-defects and microcephaly

On the other hand, there is ample documented evidence in the scientific and medical literature of a causal relationship between pesticides such as glyphosate/Roundup, atrazine, 2,4-D, etc. and various birth defects, including microcephaly:…/pesticide-i…/birth-defects

In fact, birth defects and microcephaly are ubiquitous in regions and villages surrounding GM soy plantations in both Brazil and Argentina. In 2010, Dr. Andre Carrasco from Argentina published an alarming paper on the causal relationship between glyphosate based herbicides (GBH) and birth defects.

Dr Carrasco alarmingly found and wrote: “The direct effect of glyphosate [on the embryos]… opens concerns about the clinical findings from human offspring in populations exposed to GBH [glyphosate-based herbicides] in agricultural fields. There is growing evidence raising concerns about the effects of GBH on people living in areas where herbicides are intensely used. Women exposed during pregnancy to herbicides delivered offspring with congenital malformations, including microcephaly, anencephaly [missing major parts of brain and skull in embryos], and cranial malformations.” Link to the paper:…/pdf/Carrasco_research_paper.pdf

Unsurprisingly, however, neither the WHO/Margaret Chan, the CDC/Tom Frieden nor the Brazilian and global so-called public health authorities ever mention the causal relationship between GBH and microcephaly. It is blatantly obvious that the WHO/CDC deceitful and fraudulent Zika-microcephaly propaganda is manufactured for the sole purpose of promoting and selling the soon-coming concocted (toxic) Zika vaccine and to further mass poison both the Brazilian and the global population with the ongoing massive spraying of poisonous insecticides/pesticides under the guise and pretext of eradicating the WHO/CDC/industry invented Zika-microcephaly causing mosquitoes while enriching Big Pharma, the biotech/pesticide industry and their minions.

Arya Vrilya
Founder & Executive Director
Yajna Centre

This article appeared first at Yajna Center. It appears here with permission. Image

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