Best Ways to Keep Healthy During the Colder Months

Baby It’s cold outside! Brrrrr…here in the UK we have to endure a chilly time from the end of October through to the welcome arrival of Spring. It’s fine if you’re sitting in your lounge, wrapped in a blanket and toasting marshmallows by your fire. But in reality, we are heading out of the house each dark, drizzly morning battling the elements as we spend a tiring day at work. Winter can be a testing time health wise played out against a backdrop of the consistent rasp of tickly coughs and streaming noses. So, how do you stay healthy during the colder months? The best advice is to keep yourself fit and well, it could also be a good idea to visit a UK online pharmacy and stock up on flu remedies – that way you are fully prepared when illness strikes. Let’s take a look at how to banish those winter blues and enjoy a fit and healthy few months:

Don’t Hibernate

You might be feeling a bit more sluggish during the colder, darker months. There’s a distinct lack of sunlight and we naturally want to curl up in the cosy warmth and rest. Give yourself a mental and physical boost by kicking off those slippers – pop on a warm winter cost and go for a brisk walk in the fresh air. Enjoy the feel of a little winter sun on your face (we might be pushing it a bit there), but if there’s no warmth to speak of at least you can savour the natural daylight. If you stay active in the day you should be ready for your slumber by night time. Try and keep to similar waking and sleeping hours, this will help you to regulate your body clock.

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Stretch, Tone and Relax

Exercise can be a great way to shake away those winter doldrums and give your health and fitness levels a real boost. You could combine working out with natural sunlight by gong for a jog or bike-ride. Yoga is also a fabulous way of stretching out your body and it’s also great for the mind. Anxiety and worry can be exhausting, so take your mind off things with an invigorating work-out. Yoga can help you to switch off too, reducing your stress levels and helping you to clear your mind. Meditation can also help as if you have an “overly busy” mind. It’s a difficult skill to master but once you have learned the art of switching off you will revel in the calm and tranquillity.

Fill Your Day with Fruit & Veggies

Hibernation and stocking up on food seem to go hand in hand, but as we are not going in for a deep sleep there is no need to fill up on the stodge. Sugar-filled foods are also tempting but the best way to stay healthy and well during the winter months is to eat well-balanced diet – make sure you are getting your five-a-day. Warming vegetable casseroles and tasty soups can warm your cockles and provide you with a nutritious and wholesome lunch or dinner too.

Be Prepared

Say no to coughs and sneezes, the winter can bring with it unwanted illnesses such as colds, flu and cold sores. Make sure you have remedies to hand to ease your symptoms and get you back into the cut and thirst of everyday life as soon as possible. You can now purchase medication from the comfort of your armchair from a UK online pharmacy. Tamiflu (an anti-viral medication) is usually on offer for the treatment of seasonal flu and Aciclovir cream is useful for fighting off cold sores.  If you’re looking for some advice and support a UK online pharmacy can help you by carrying out an online consultation to ensure you receive the right prescription to suit your medical issue.

Be Fit for Spring

If you take care of yourself during the winter months you should get through reasonably unscathed. Eat well, get outside and enjoy the natural sunlight, take exercise and make sure you get enough sleep. Avoid the “hibernation” effect and resolve to be more active rather than less.  If you do fall poorly visit a UK online pharmacy for advice and a prescription – but do take care, there are only a few chemists actually regulated to offer online consultations and prescriptions. Genuine UK online pharmacies are fully regulated and managed by GPs.

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