Health & Fitness – Do You Need to Swim?

Too much exercise can be as bad for you as not enough. But one factor that some overlook is also the type and variety of exercise that they undertake. Quite often, they become entrenched in their regimes, failing to change or alter anything for fear of losing all that they have worked for.

Here we look at the need for variety, and the benefits that it can have for your health and fitness. Particularly we will look at the sport of swimming and how it can help improve your gains. By the end of the article, a good many of you will be asking the location of their nearest swimming pools.


No matter your level of fitness, swimming will always improve the same. You’ll feel changes to your muscle tone and strength and you will no doubt become fitter too. Add to this that you will become calmer, and less prone to injury and you’ll be asking why you haven’t incorporated swimming before.


Swimming works the body as a whole, not isolating individual areas as you might in the gym. Changing strokes will also target your muscles in different ways, increasing your gains again. Because water is denser than air, you need undertake less activity for the same results – so you’re saving time too!


As well as a whole body workout, being in one of the local swimming pools will calm your mind and enrichen your soul. Truly it is calming, being supported by the water and away from the modern day distractions of phones etc.

The water not only washes away any sweat, it will also de-stress you. Mental wellbeing and fitness is only now being identified as important as physical fitness. Swimming can also incorporate fun, and is one of the few exercises that can be truly enjoyed by yourself or as part of a group, or family.


To lose weight we need to burn more calories than we consume. Whilst swimming will not assist you with your diet, what it will do is to ensure that you will be burning many calories, without the heavy impact associated with exercises such as running.


Not in the sense of a Martial Art, but for the body – as swimming boosts the natural immune system of your body, making you less prone to illness, and more able to recover if you do unfortunately fall sick.

The Pounds

Lose both in terms of weight and also reduce the pounding effect of heavier gym based exercises. The water supports your body whilst offering resistance, meaning less wear and tear on your joints.


They say energy creates energy when it comes to exercise. Spending time in the local swimming pools will boost your energy levels but will also promote a healthier and better sleep pattern, meaning that you are more able to cope with all that the rest of the day can throw at you.

No Sweat

Literally – you need not worry about smelly gym kit/towels…

Swimming is great as an exercise by itself, but even better when combined with other forms of exertion. By attending one of your local swimming pools as part of your regime, you’ll be making a dynamic change to your training approach and it will, given time, reap rewards. Time to get out of the rut, and into the pool.

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