Top 10 American Fears List Pushes Idea of New Extremist Threats

By Heather CallaghanEditor

As I just wrote about, Chapman University released survey results about America’s top fears for 2017.  Spoiler alert: Americans fear what they are told to fear! Yes, the top 10 results happen to coincide with the “hot button” issues pushed by the evening news.

Here are America’s top 10 fears according to the survey (comprehensive list):

1) Corruption of government officials (same top fear as 2015 and 2016)
2) American Healthcare Act/Trumpcare (new fear)
3) Pollution of oceans, rivers and lakes (new in top 10)
4) Pollution of drinking water (new in top 10)
5) Not having enough money in the future
6) High medical bills
7) The U.S. will be involved in another world war (new fear)
8) Global warming and climate change
9) North Korea using weapons (new fear)
10) Air pollution

But the survey seems to be very concerned with America’s perception of “extremist” groups.

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What is This Survey Really About?

While the survey might point out some helpful observations, I believe it’s also about shaping your opinion. It’s about collecting information on behavior and perhaps feeding it back to the media and policy makers. (Many studies about the brain are merely for the benefit of media and advertising execs.) It’s about continuing to shape that behavior – social engineering.

It almost looks like the survey is trying to gauge how effective media is at dividing people and pushing narratives that would otherwise never be there. Some of the survey questions were loaded, which isn’t very “scientific.” Indeed, this is about dissecting human behavior.

One example of influencing public thought, is how they report that the kind of women who are “superstitious” enough to believe in paranormal activity are low-income, rural, Western, single or cohabiting women who are politically conservative and consider themselves religious although they may not attend church. She is someone who “reports her race as ‘other.'” Just think about the kind of ideas loaded in these statements. There are other instances in the press release that appear to paint a picture of “backward” America to display for the intelligentsia.

TV – It Really Works…

Now, back to their extremism fetish…

The survey determined that almost one-third of Americans can identify four “extremist” groups as threats: Extreme Anti-Immigration groups, the Militia/Patriot Movement, Left-Wing Revolutionaries, and Extreme Anti-Abortion groups.

Just take some time to think about that carefully selected list of rag-tags…

Also, while we are busy throwing tiny, cultural subsets into the extremism pot – aren’t we forgetting some groups? *cough!* Radical feminism. *cough!*

Additionally, 1 in 5 Americans are apparently afraid of “Extreme Environmentalists.” The news is fond of pushing both environmental devastation and factions of protesters that just happen to crop up at opportune times. On the other hand, the more corporations abuse the earth or its inhabitants, the more illegal it becomes to do something about it. (If someone tramples a GMO field trial for instance or films factory farm abuse, they will be labeled eco-terrorists.)

Day states what you may have ascertained: “…as a general rule, Americans are more afraid of extremist groups that have been discussed in the media.”

But I need to point out something here and I want you to think very carefully on the question I’m about to ask you.

Who originally labeled these things as “extremist”?

We need to ask ourselves if any kinds of beliefs should be tantamount to a terrorist threat. It’s no wonder that the number one fear is government corruption – pretty soon, you won’t be allowed to have a thought without the fear of The Inquisition.

“Further, differences between various factions across America on which group represents the greatest threat reflects the political divisions we see in America on other issues,” Day adds.

2nd question to ponder – who created these divisions?

Notably, “hate crimes” are a growing fear among almost one-third surveyed – even though the term did not exist until recently!

Survey Finds that Americans Will Give Up Liberty

One-third agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “In order to curb terrorism in this country, it will be necessary to give up some civil liberties.”

This is obviously a belief stemming from hearing these taglines over and over again on the news each time there is an act of terrorism.

Now I want you to pay extra attention to the loaded question they put forth next:

“We should preserve our freedoms even if it increases the risk of terrorism.”

Whoa, wait a second! When has personal freedom ever increased terrorism? We have less personal freedom than ever before, but more terrorism. Yet, they their statement sets the idea of freedom = terrorism as a foregone conclusion.

Thirty-five percent, disagree or strongly disagree with the above statement. The survey did notice this paradox. “As has been seen before, elevated fears over national security can lead to lower support for national values.” But does this mean that 65% had to “agree” to more terrorism in order to state that they wanted to keep their personal freedom? And why does this survey only emphasize the smaller portion of people who would forfeit their liberty?

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It’s very clear to this writer that the culture is being created and foisted on Americans. Americans are not shaping this culture – they are being molded by it! The proof is in the quick evolution of our linguistic landscape. The proof is in the (fearful) reactions to what Americans are constantly forced to witness. These reactions then further shape their beliefs.


Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt

What do you think – is Media creating American fears? Sound off below and don’t forget to share!

DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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