Our unique Planet Earth

Op-ed by Lanaria AmberkiraThe Netherlands

We’ve all done it at one point: look up at the stars and wonder about the meaning of it all. Is the universe infinite? Is there life on other planets? Is someone looking back at us, right now, somewhere out there in the inconceivable vastness of space? How small, how fragile must the world seem to him – Little more than a tiny speck of light.

It makes you realize how precious our planet is, this dust ball, this oasis in the vast barren space. Isn’t it wonderful that life exists on this insignificant rock, in the dark and empty void?

According to scientists, the universe came into existence with the Big Bang (13.7 billion years ago) and our Earth, together with our solar system, was formed some 4.56 billion years ago. The first humans appeared about 200,000 year ago.

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Such a short period of life lives mankind here and the individual, You and I are here only momentarily.

To me it is natural that there is other life and that the creation story and evolution go together, hand in hand, because what does one day mean in God’s name, when God or the Holy Spirit has been attended here from the beginning?

The complex structure of our magnificent planet, the incredible beauty and rarity of life, is both beautiful and frightening to behold. Had the primordial soup lacked but one ingredient, we wouldn’t be here. Brief though it may be, life – intelligent life – truly is a miracle. The realization is enough to make you humble, maybe.

And yet, when we take an honest look at the intelligent life on this planet, ‘humble’ isn’t the first word than comes to mind. Far from it. Even though our brightest scientists continue to show us how fragile life is, how brittle and delicate the natural balance of nature, we continue to disregard it. We are displaying a pride and arrogance that is truly baffling.

Great Threats

Today, our Earth is being tormented by huge natural disasters, but its biggest disaster is undoubtedly mankind. We truly are our own biblical plague. In spite of gained wisdom and experience, we continue to be governed by megalomaniacs and narcissists. Shortsighted leaders, driven by greed and power, run this planet into the ground and persist in denying the disastrous effects we have on the Earth. In spite of overwhelming scientific evidence, President Donald Trump denies that climate change is caused by environmental pollution, caused by Man and his need for power.

Climate change now causes earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes. The Polar icecaps are melting rapidly and we will have to take serious countermeasures to protect Earth from annihilation. Numerous animals, forests and plants are threatened by extinction and countless animals, forests and plants are extinct. And to think that the extinction of bees alone is enough to cause catastrophic environmental changes, affecting the entire ecosystem.

Everywhere there is corruption and fraud. The more power we gain, the higher our arrogance soars. Our intolerance for each other, and for each other’s beliefs, is staggering and disparaging. The resulting wars have brought us to the brink of destruction countless times, and yet we cannot seem to learn from the past.

Imminent mass destruction

Our propensity for self-destruction has never been more prevalent as in the recent past, with the advent of nuclear weapons. The Military Industrial Complex is ever-present, its many lobbyists seemingly having unlimited access to the world’s leaders. Escalation almost seems a matter of time.

In 2015, $ 1700 billion was spent on weaponry and this amount will be overcome many times this year.

What can be done?

Homo Sapiens belongs to the animal species, but there is a significant difference. Human beings have reason, kindness and the ability to learn and develop. I choose to believe that the majority of people are good, loving and selfless, and therefore there is hope. But what we need to do is rethink our priorities and open our eyes and look at the way we affect our planet.

Man is a social being. We need each other. We cannot survive alone. Together, we can evolve into a selfless creature, a loving person, and unto a higher consciousness. Let’s put our ability to change for the good into practice and convey the many talents that we have acquired as human beings. We have it within ourselves to open up to each other without losing our individuality.

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The golden rule is simple: Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you.

When we learn to live by this rule, then there is the possibility for real change, in favor of our beloved, unique Planet Earth.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope, one day you will join us and the world will be one. (John Lennon)

Lanaria Amberkira 01-10–2017 



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