New ‘Birds Nest’ For People Is The Perfect Way To Escape To Nature


In Kenya, Africa, guests can stay in this extraordinary ‘birds nest’ for people, which offers 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape and wildlife.

What better way to take in the beauty of Kenya, Africa, than in a “birds nest” for people? Folks at the Segera retreat, based in Laikipia, Kenya, in 50,000 acres of wildlife sanctuary, asked this very same question, which is why there is an extraordinary abode of this kind for rent. Reportedly, the goal of the unique abode is to balance tourism with conserving the animals and land, and this is accomplished in a variety of ways.

Says the retreat’s website,

“After an exhilarating game drive or bush walk, guests are brought to the NAY PALAD Bird Nest just before sunset. The nest is lit up with lanterns, with champagne and culinary delights laid out on the open-air nest, and inviting beds (either open-air or within the shelter of the first floor) prepared with luxurious linens and hot water bottles, ready for the night ahead.”

Guests will enjoy an African sunset, feast on a picnic-style dinner, and “fall asleep under the sparkling African sky.” In the morning, they can wake up to the sounds of wild animals at play, going about their lives in the natural world. It certainly doesn’t get any more magical than that!

Guests are afforded a 360-degree view of a nearby river and never-ending plains when staying in the villa. The entire nest is built with farmed wood and actual tree branches that have been woven into a nest by local community members. In addition, the exterior is rustic while the inside is lavish. The suite includes a fully-equipped bathroom and comes with solar-heated running water and a flushing toilet.

The Birds Nest was a collaboration between Segera, Nay Palad, and the architect Daniel Pouzet. Apparently, it is not uncommon to catch glimpses of elephants, zebras, lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, and giraffes — among other wild animals and native birds.

According to Lonely Planet, the retreat is an ideal place to escape from the manmade world because it combines natural living with modern comforts. However, all that luxury comes at a cost. One night in the bird’s nest is $1,150. Though this is out of reach for many people, hopefully, concepts such as this one inspire more architects to design eco-friendly structures that bring people closer to nature — physically and mentally.

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