Cambodian Farm Showcases Hulked Out GE Pigs With Huge Muscles

pigs huge muscles


The shocking videos and photographs have sparked controversy about the ethics (and health implications) of genetically modifying animals.

If you take the time to scroll through the Duroc Cambodia Facebook page, you’ll see a frightening amount of photos showcasing extremely muscular pigs. Understandably, the photographs have sparked controversy about the ethics (and health implications) of genetically modifying animals. 

Duroc Cambodia, a farm located in the Banteay Meanchey province, is responsible for breeding the Hulk-like pigs. Some suspect the animals are freakishly muscular due to genetic tampering. Others have accused Duroc Cambodia of giving the pigs hormones and steroids to help them grow larger. Considering the breeder is also selling insemination kits (below) to people who want to grow their own buff-looking pigs, the latter is unlikely.

Credit: Duroc Cambodia

Photos and footage of the muscular pigs have been posted online since December of 2016. Only recently did the farm catch the public’s eye, however. Videos show the animals struggling to walk under the weight of their muscle. Others show the males having enormous testicles. To say people are unhappy about the genetic tampering is an understatement.

Credit: Duroc Cambodia

Credit: Duroc Cambodia

Wrote one person on Facebook: “This breaks my heart how many people don’t give a flying f**k about animals and how they are treated.” Another commenter added, “This is disgusting!!! Those poor pigs can’t even hold their heads up s**t looks painful af if you ask me!!! This is HORRIBLE.”

Before long, the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) chimed in. The organization condemned the farm, saying: “Hulk-like pigs are the stuff of nightmares, not meals, and those who are genetically engineered are also likely to be born with painful health issues. Pigs suffer even without this ‘Frankenscience. On typical pig farms, their tails are cut off, their sensitive teeth are ground down, and the males are castrated, all without so much as an aspirin.”

Credit: Duroc Cambodia

The Mirror UK reports that the farm is breeding pigs with massive muscles to meet consumer demand for pork — and to rake in extra profit. A similar case made headlines in 2015 when South Korea and China altered a single gene, resulting in “double-muscled” pigs. Their aim was similar: to produce leaner meat at a higher yield. The project backfired, however, only 13 of the 32 pigs bred survived toe eight months old. And, only one was considered healthy.

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