5 Things You Need to Know Before You Hire a Personal Trainer

Hooray! So you’re finally taking the plunge and following through with your resolution to get in shape by getting a gym subscription. You arrive and right away swamped with information on personal training. Listen to it.

Whether you’re taking advantage of a promotion or your friend recommended someone, you should consider hiring a personal trainer, especially if you’re someone new to the fitness world.

Personal trainers will teach you proper techniques and postures when performing exercises, help you establish a workout routine, and help you stay motivated—the most important thing in your fitness journey.

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But don’t jump to sign up with just anyone. With the help of a certified Los Angeles PT, I came up with this post about five important things you should know before hiring a personal trainer.

Make the most informed decision possible on your journey to a healthier and fitter body.

  1. Your Personal Trainer Must Be Trained and Certified

Just because someone looks fit and helps you pick up weights does not mean they are a personal trainer. Hire someone with the right qualifications, not just a certificate they printed off the internet.

A truly qualified personal trainer should have some form of an exercise science or kinesiology degree to their name, as well as an NCCA-approved certificate. Those fields of study are meant to educate a personal trainer in the skills appropriately needed to train someone.

YouTube videos do not make someone a professional. If someone calls themselves a personal trainer without proper education, it could lead to serious injuries. In line with that, you should also look for someone with PT insurance which can cover both you and your instructor in case of an accident during the session.

  1. Make Sure Their Plan is Tailored to You

Personal training should never have a “one size fits all” mentality. Your body is unique, so ask your potential trainer on how they plan to train you and cater your specific needs.

This should also be the case for your diet. Your nutritional needs are different from others. Every diet should be planned out for each specific client. If they gave you a templated fitness plan, look for someone else.

  1. Ask for a Trial Period

You should never feel forced into hiring a personal trainer. Always ask for a trial period to get used to the trainer and evaluate the results.

Same goes to referrals. Just because your friend likes their trainer does not mean you will. Your trainer needs to be on the same page with you if you plan to reach your goals. Make sure you get along before dropping a lot of money.

  1. Disclose Any Conditions or Special Needs

Always disclose any pre-existing conditions or injuries you may have. A professional trainer should know how to adapt their program accordingly to your current health condition.

Your trainer should also be willing to plan with your family physician, physical therapist, or any other healthcare professional you already work with. Your health should not only be taken seriously by you, but by the person who is directly influencing it too.

  1. You Can Say No

A professional personal trainer should never force or guilt you into hiring them. If you feel you don’t mesh together, they should understand and let you try someone else. This is about your health, not their paycheck.

Personal trainers are expensive and a substantial investment. But when it comes to health, this investment is absolutely worth it. Once you find the right one, enjoy a tailored program for your body. They will help keep you on track and motivated until you reach every goal you and your new PT have planned.

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