Nano Blenders Part 2 – Could Nanoparticle Excoriation Promote Blood Clots?


Op-ed by Robin D P Watson, Natural Blaze

Nano Blenders Thesis Part 2 – Nanoparticle Excoriation promotes Thrombogenesis – A Possible Pathophysiologic Mechanism

Nanoparticles like titanium dioxide are touted as safe for food, cosmetics and personal body care – but is that really true? Could the particles “spin” when exposed to electromagnetic radiation and thereby “scrape” vulnerable tissue deep inside the body?, a paper asks.

Insoluble Nano-particles of Titanium dioxide, Silicon dioxide, Sodium Nitrate, Iron oxide nanoparticles and other insoluble Nano particles have the potential to excoriate the epithelial lining of vascular systems especially post vascular valves where the cardio contractions create vortices above the valves, increasing the shear stress between transiting blood flow and the vessel wall.

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It is my contention that a process of almost continuous thrombogenesis occurs with sustained exposure to insoluble Nano particles. The return to equilibrium after an accidental vascular injury follows the path of temporary repair until the vessel wall returns to a reasonable state. Then the slow release of particles of the temporary repair occurs for reprocessing.

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Whereas, in a disease induced state, the sustained assault by insoluble Nano particles exacts a profound toll on vascular systems, including the narrowing of vessels inducing hypotension, thrombogenesis and plaque formation. This, in turn stresses other organs where bio-accumulation of insoluble Nano particles and micro thrombi brings other issues, loss of renal function, and oedema.

It is well established that Tio2 is a pro inflammatory agent, which leads to endothelial cell leakiness. (Ref.)

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The potential for Insoluble Nano Particles to be a major cause of DVTs, CVA’s, Pulmonary Embolisms, Heart Attacks, Hypertension, Diabetes and Pre-Eclampsia should not be ignored.

Further, the continuous promotion of micro thrombi provides the ideal nutrient base for the seeding of metastases.


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It is the author’s considered opinion that insoluble nanoparticles should not form part of a species’ diet and that in the future, clinicians and researchers will come to understand the myriad rolls that insoluble Nano particles play in diseases processes.


Editor’s note on the images: The featured images depict nano medicine that can inject medicine into cells. This gives you an idea of the capabilities of nanotech to potentially penetrate cells. (Images: George Mason UniversityYouTube screenshot)

Article and thesis was used with permission.

Rob Watson is a retired photographer, who, in the latter part of his career has worked with many doctors and scientists assisting them with their imaging requirements. During his retirement he has been investigating the links between nano-particles and disease.

DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

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