Simplest Envelope Budget Method You’ve Never Seen Before

By Natural Blaze via FunCheapOrFree

You’ve heard of using envelopes for budgeting, right?

It’s a basic tip many financial gurus insist their readers do. It means no using credit cards, only allotted amounts of cash that you pull from labeled envelopes. If you go to the grocery store, you can only use the money that’s meant for the grocery store and when it’s gone, tough luck!

It’s okay in theory, but I think we all know what happens. We rob Peter to pay Paul – we take from the other envelopes and end up with multiple deficits. We feel deprived and abandon the budget.

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Jordan Page from Fun Cheap or Free came up with a nifty method using an old envelope that isn’t quite what you think.

Watch and tell us what you think:




Simplest budgeting you’ll ever do! If you like this, you’ll love my other budgeting principles in my super simple and fun online budgeting program! 27 videos that you can watch on your phone as you clean your house. I guarantee you will save at LEAST what you pay for the program, or I’ll refund every dime.
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Here’s a video of one of my most viral principles EVER is the simple budgeting technique I created! It uses an envelope, but isn’t like an envelope system you’ve seen before. It’s worked for thousands of families, give it a try and it can work for you too! Link for free envelope printable is below. Hope you enjoyed!

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Image: Jordan Page FunCheapOrFree

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