4 Examples of Monumental Hypocrisy in Health and Healthcare

Op-Ed by Paul A. Philips

Hypocrisy in health and healthcare runs rife throughout the Big Pharma-owned and -controlled medical pharmaceutical establishment. This hypocrisy may be downright unethical. Hypocrites include those self-serving doctors who want the largest slice of the pie that they can get from a healthcare system that places profits over the genuine welfare concern of people. Like other healthcare hypocrites, these doctors will contradict themselves in a number of health-related scenarios.

The worst thing about the hypocrisy in health and healthcare is not the related ties to self-interest. Nor the wilful ignorance, lies, deception, propaganda, the white-washing, a lack of common sense, the state of cognitive dissonance and denial that keeps it going… No, the worse thing is, indeed, the countless numbers of innocent victims maimed or killed as a consequence.

In view of this, here are just 4 examples of monumental hypocrisy in health and healthcare.

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1. The Doctor’s Oath

Not compulsory, but normally after graduation, a number of doctors take an oath which, in effect, means that they pledge to ‘preserve life’ in their professional endeavours. However, there are many reasons why the inviting saying ‘trust me I’m a doctor’ should be rejected:

Iatrogenic death (death by medicine) is the 3rd leading cause of death (deaths due to adverse drug reactions, harmful or unnecessary surgery or infection though hospitalization) which indicates that while claiming to preserve life, in many cases, doctors are doing the opposite.  In view of this, there are many circumstances where doctors show their hypocrisy. Take the case of:

2. Vaccination hypocrisy

It’s not unusual to read articles written by doctors condemning those who refuse to have their children vaccinated. Doctors are enthusiastically ready and willing to vaccinate, not least because they are financially rewarded by the pharmaceutical companies supplying the vaccines if they achieve target patient numbers. Those refusing vaccination could be struck off the doctor’s patients list. Having little or no regard for potential vaccine damage or the mounting evidence suggesting that vaccines are ineffective, herein lays the doctor’s hypocrisy:

If the doctor genuinely cared, believing that vaccines are effective, he/she would see it from the point of view that although there would be income loss, a patient who refuses vaccination needs more medical attention: The unvaccinated patient would be seen by the doctor as someone who is unprotected and vulnerable to illness. So the last thing the doctor would do is strike the patient off the patients list.

The vaccine hypocrisy extends into the pro-life contradiction. Not just pertaining to doctors, but for people in general when accepting vaccination as a healthcare practice. I make no apology for the following blunt accusations.

Someone who claims to be pro-life while accepting vaccinations is a hypocrite. That’s because many vaccines contain aborted foetal tissue. Where’s the religious outcry from this? Where are you vegetarians or vegans on this one? Further, those against GMOs while in favour of vaccinations are also hypocrites. That’s because glyphosate has been found in child vaccines… For more information go here.

New paradigm, Paul A Philips, health, healthcare, healthcare hypocrisy, Big Pharma, medical deaths, mandatory vaccinations, opioid painkiller drugs, medical cannabis 3. Prescribing addictive drugs while condemning effective alternative treatment

Doctors are known to regularly prescribe highly addictive opioid painkiller drugs. At the same time they’ll condemn alternative painkiller treatment, such as the unjustly vilified marijuana plant and its medicinal derivative compounds. Marijuana’s medicinal derivative compounds such as cannabidiol (CBD) have enabled opioid drug users to reduce their addiction.

Because these users have also been found to be quitting the pharmaceutical opioid drugs as a consequence, Big Pharma has perceived this as a threat to their sickness business: In order to counter the threat Big Pharma and its associates have fought on many occasions for the criminalization of marijuana.

Here’s the thing. Marijuana has been made a Schedule 1 substance. A Big Pharma company, Insys Therapeutics, have manufactured a synthetic drug called Syndros, which is THC, derived from marijuana. How is it then that Syndros has been made a schedule II substance?!

It’s the federal government’s way of making Syndros safer than a natural God-given plant that has been used since time immemorial…

4. The hypocrisy behind health and healthcare institutions

Crooked Health and healthcare institutions, administrations, committees and federations will claim to be one thing, but slyly represent another because they feed corporate self-interests: They have the gall to say they represent the people’s best interests in health matters while they condemn alternative health practitioners, even shut down their practices when the treatment is better than their allopathic (conventional medicine) option to which they have an unholy allegiance to.

Many people are waking up to the realization that a number of these allopathic options approved by the crooked health and healthcare institutions do far more harm than good. Take, for instance, the case of chemotherapy. A survey showed that many doctors would refuse chemotherapy, as its success rate is only 2.3% and can cause much harm.

New paradigm, Paul A Philips, health, healthcare, healthcare hypocrisy, Big Pharma, medical deaths, mandatory vaccinations, opioid painkiller drugs, medical cannabis

Get wise!

Get wise to this appalling circumstance by doing your own diligent research. For example, learn to discern the difference between a hypocritical self-serving, conceited, arrogant white-coated individual who likes to play God, as opposed to a genuine, caring doctor. Take a holistic approach. Consult a naturopath…

Get active. Get campaigning about the truth in medicine. Expose the hoaxes, lies, injustices and hypocrisy in health and healthcare. How about spreading the word, for instance, regarding the awful push for mandatory vaccinations..?

In the big picture, the highest authorities involved in this not only want to rob you of your health freedom, but they also want complete ownership over your body, mind and spirit. Don’t let them achieve that.

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site New Paradigm.

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