These 4 Amazing Benefits of Weightlifting Will Make You Want to Hit the Gym Today

Weightlifting is a form of resistance training that uses different types of weights to increase the resistance against muscles. Unlike other sports, weightlifting focuses on the increasing the total amount of weight lifted through the snatch and clean jerk methods.1,2

While many of us are familiar with the benefits of exercising, the diverse range of benefits from weightlifting is often less discussed. When executed properly, continuous weightlifting can improve body physique, increase lean muscle mass, improve muscle strength and metabolism.

Based on the latest scientific research, we explore the diverse benefits of incorporating weightlifting into your training routine.

1. Improved Strength

Developing and improving power output and muscle strength are central to all weightlifting. Many of these movements rely on major muscle groups and stabilizing muscles, engaging the entire body and increasing strength throughout. With a focus on high velocity and high force movements, weightlifting is often considered superior for improving muscle strength, speed and power.2

Consistent weightlifting (over 2 years) has been noted in clinical trials to promote increase in testosterone levels. In the body, higher levels of testosterone can help increase an athlete’s power.2 Men can also take natural testosterone support supplements, such as DSN Code Black to increase these levels naturally. Check out the these surprising DSN Code Black Reviews to understand how natural testosterone supplement can benefit all types of athletes.

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2. Enhanced Bone Density

Weightlifting movements also have a beneficial effect on bone density.1,2 Speed-strength activities have been shown to improve bone strength and even contribute to bone remolding. As a result of increased bone density and muscle adaptation, athletes will also experience increases in lean muscle mass.2

3. Increased Flexibility

Weightlifting can also help develop an athlete’s flexibility, muscle coordination and balance. By strengthen the ligaments, muscle and tendons, athletes help reduce their chance of injury and help increase their body’s adaptability.1,2

4. Increased Lean Muscle Mass

As we age, the percentage of lean muscle mass slowly decreases in our bodies slowly decreases. This is eventually replaced with fat which can result in changes in our physique. Weightlifting can help reverse this process in as little as 5-8 weeks and has been shown to be beneficial at almost any age.1,2

Increases in lean muscle mass have been shown to reduce other disease risk factors for diabetes, cancer and coronary heart disease. This includes improved glucose metabolism, improved heart rate and blood pressure, insulin resistance and reduced body fat.3

How to Enhance Weightlifting Results

For optimal results, athletes can take these 4 simple steps to help reduce the risk of injury and make the most of their workouts.

Maintain Proper Form

Correct form and technique can make a significant difference in performance, results and reducing the risk of injury. For beginners, its often suggested to learn from a trainer or professional to ensure correct technique and reduce the chance of developing bad habits early on.1,2

Start Small

From foot placement and hand position to modeling and start positions, there is a high degree of technical education that goes into weightlifting.2

To help reduce the risk of injury, athletes new to weightlifting should begin with weights that can be easily lifted until an expert has determined they can execute the proper form.

As athletes become more comfortable with the technique, the weight can be increased in 10-20 lbs. increments.2

Take a Pre Workout Supplement

Pre workouts contain a number of strength-enhancing ingredients. Many sources confirm that certain ingredients can help boost muscular endurance, energy levels, and support muscle recovery.

While there are a number of pre workout products available, high-quality pre workout supplements often contain creatine monohydrate, a well-researched strength-enhancing ingredient that helps increase muscle mass and power.

For users to see optimal effects, ingredients need to be dosed in the same amounts as used in clinical trials. What we like about DSN Pre Workout is that it contains 3 grams of creatine monohydrate, a clinical strength dose that is also recommended by the Canadian Health Authority, Health Canada. Not only this, but there are more and more DSN Preworkout reviews and positive feedback coming from both professional and novice athletes alike.

Take the Time to Recover

Whether you’re a beginner athlete or an experienced weight lifter, all muscles need proper time to heal and recover. To help give muscles a break, you can rotate through major muscle groups each workout and allow at least one full day for muscles to rest.1


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