Top Wellness Benefits Provided by Mindfulness

When we are mindful, we are fully aware, and present, in the moment. We can acknowledge, process and accept, all of our thoughts, feelings and emotions fully, calmly and rationally when we are in a state of mindfulness.

According to an article published in the American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology, studies indicate that there are many benefits of mindfulness. This research affirms what practitioners of mindfulness have long suspected to be true. Mindfulness is a powerful tool that promotes healthy habits, improves well-being and benefits physical, mental and emotional health. 

The following is a brief overview of some of the top wellness benefits that can be derived from practicing mindfulness.

Beat Cravings

Mindfulness helps practitioners be more aware of their bodies and surroundings, and gives them greater control over their thoughts and emotions. This, in turn, provides a great boost to willpower and resistance. With regular practice, individuals can use mindfulness to help control urges so that they can resist the temptation to take actions that harm themselves or others.

For example, if someone is trying to eat healthy foods to lose a few pounds, stick to an exercise regimen to get in shape, or resist the urge to abuse alcohol or drugs, mindfulness can empower them to stick to their plan and beat negative habits. In fact, practicing mindfulness is so effective at helping folks to break bad habits and compulsive behaviors that it is now commonly used in some detox Atlanta recovery centers as one of the many treatments for addiction, obsessive compulsive disorders, and other conditions that affect mental health and well-being.

Mindfulness Reduces Stress, Which Reduces Risk of Several Health Conditions

According to information from the prestigious Mayo Clinic, chronic stress puts your health at risk. Hormones such as adrenaline and stress are released in the short term during stressful moments. These hormones temporarily raise heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

While these hormones return to near normal levels once the stressful event has passed, studies indicate that being under constant stress has been linked to an increase risk of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular disease. Those who are under constant stress are also more likely to gain weight, feel anxious or depressed, suffer from headaches and have issues with memory and recalling information.

The specific mechanism that reduces stress in those who practice mindfulness is somewhat unclear, but practicing mindfulness is known to enhance the connection between body and mind. It has been shown to help its adherents to better cope with the effects of stressful situations and events. This may help them to better cope with stress since mindfulness helps practitioners to better regulate their emotions and other physiological responses to common stressful stimuli.

Improve Your Ability to Learn

Practicing mindfulness on a regular basis has also been shown to improve the speed with which our brains process information, increase attention and the ability to concentrate and focus, and boost the ability to recall information. Each of these skills directly correlates to our ability to process and learn new information and recall information previously learned.

Mindfulness benefits from regular home practice, so folks that want to boost their learning, reduce stress and increase their willpower will reap the most benefit if they consistently practice their mindfulness techniques on a daily basis.

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