Tiny House for Under $1,000

tiny house under 1,000

By Organic and Healthy

If you’re looking for the tiny home of your dreams – but are on a budget – we may have just the answer you’ve been looking for.

Arched cabins can be an affordable option, as a 8′ x 8′ option starts under $1000 – though if you want to go larger you can, as they’re available in sizes as large as 24′ x 24′.

Not only are they cost-efficient, but the company making them will also deliver and construct your cabin of choice on your property for you!

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Check out these affordable prices:

8′ Wide Arched Cabins
Our 8′ wide Arched Cabins are perfect for a hunting lodge, storage shed, steam room/spa, restroom, or just a sleeping space protected from the elements.

  • 8’x8′ Arched Cabin Kit = $960
  • 8’x12′ Arched Cabin Kit = $1440

12′ Wide Arched Cabins
Our 12′ wide Arched Cabins are a great size for a studio, a one bedroom cabin with a kitchen and restroom, a small garage or storage space, or a larger hunting lodge for 1-2 people.

  • 12’x12′ Arched Cabin Kit = $2160
  • 12’x24′ Arched Cabin Kit = $4320
  • 12’x32′ Arched Cabin Kit = $5760

14′ Wide Arched Cabins

Our 14′ wide Arched Cabins are a perfect size for a small cabin with one bedroom, and will easily fit a full bathroom and kitchen and a small living area. They can also be used as a garage, an office, a she-shed or man cave, or just as extra space for a special hobby.

  • 14’x14′ Arched Cabin Kit = $2800
  • 14’x20′ Arched Cabin Kit = $4000
  • 14’x32′ Arched Cabin Kit = $6400

16′ Wide Arched Cabins

Our 16′ wide Arched Cabins are a great size for 1-2 bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a kitchen and living area. They’re perfect for a family that spends a lot of time outdoors, and wants to have a secure space to cook and sleep in at night. They’re also a great size for a garage, boat dock cover, larger office space or conference room, or a common area for a community.

  • 16’x16′ Arched Cabin Kit = $3520
  • 16’x24′ Arched Cabin Kit = $5280

20′ Wide Arched Cabins

Our 20′ wide Arched Cabins are popular because they’re a great size for a family cabin with enough head room for a living area in the loft. They easily accommodate 2-3 bedrooms and a full kitchen and living area, plus 2-3 bathrooms.

  • 20’x20′ Arched Cabin Kit = $5200
  • 20’x30′ Arched Cabin Kit = $7800
  • 20’x40′ Arched Cabin Kit = $10,400

24′ Wide Arched Cabins

Our 24′ wide Arched Cabins are as big as they get. These sizes are fantastic for family cabins with larger community areas such as a kitchen and Great room or living room, and will accommodate up to 3-4 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms as well.

  • 24’x24′ Arched Cabin Kit = $7680
  • 24’x32′ Arched Cabin Kit = $10,240
  • 24’x40′ Arched Cabin Kit = $12,800

You can learn more at archedcabins.com

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tiny house under 1,000

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