16 Snacks For Adrenal Fatigue [Watch]

By Medical Medium

Has your get up and go got up and left? 

Witness 16 simple easy-to-assemble snacks for adrenal fatigue – the secret is their combination of mineral salts, electrolytes and the glucose so necessary for muscles, brain and many other functions. – Natural Blaze

IN THIS VIDEO: Over 80% of us will experience adrenal fatigue multiple times over our lives. The best way to support your adrenals and help recover your health is to eat a light, balanced meal every 90 minutes to two hours. This grazing technique works because the frequent meals keep your blood sugar steady throughout the day; and as long as your glucose isn’t dropping, your adrenal glands don’t have to interfere.

Each of your meals should ideally contain a balance of potassium, sodium, and natural sugar (from fruit). This video shows some perfect snacks you can graze on to help recover your adrenal health.

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