The Science Behind the Human Brain – Protecting Your Most Vital Organ

By Natural Blaze

The complexity of the human brain is likely to never be fully understood. However, what we do know is already fascinating, and it will be exciting to learn more in years to come. Just the fact that it contains 86 billion neurons should help us understand just what we’re working with here. This infographic from Study Medicine Europe takes you through what we do know about the brain; and it really is fascinating to learn how it works and how it develops as we grow.

The brain’s complex functions require 20% of the total oxygen in your body. Your brain goes through a great deal of development up to 3 years old and, in fact, 90% of brain development is complete by then. One fascinating process that occurs in young children is synaptic pruning where brain synapses are selectively eliminated. The process actually peaks during teenage years and it allows for more efficient brain functioning.

Of course, while the development of the brain is fascinating, we don’t have much control over its natural development. We can, however, do things throughout our lives to give our brains the best possible opportunity to perform at its optimal level. One interesting area is meditation and this practice has grown in popularity in the Western world in recent times and may be worth trying for some people. Find out more about the brain and how to protect it in the infographic.

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An infographic by the team at Study Medicine Europe

Top image credit: Pixabay

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