Staying Healthy And Safe On Your Prepper Homestead

If you’ve decided to move off of the grid and venture away from the hustle and bustle of society, independence is one of the greatest rewards and perks. While there are many advantages to being an independent prepper on your own homestead, there are a few risks as well. One of the biggest is keeping you and your family healthy. Here are a few tips to staying healthy and how to determine if and when you need to seek medical help.


Many common everyday ailments can be relieved and treated with your favorite herbal remedies and close guarded care. But some ailments can turn severe quickly and impact your health enough to prompt a trip to a doctor. One of the biggest things to look for after any cut or injury are signs of infection. This includes:

-Pain at the injury site

-Green, bloody, or pale yellow discharge

-Redness and variation in skin color in or around the cut

-Swelling or changes in size of injured site

-The skin around the injured area is not healing properly

-Fever or signs of temperature fluctuations from hot to cold

-Body chills and aches

All are signs of possible infection that warrant an immediate trip to the doctor. If you are unable to see a doctor in person, you may be able to call a clinic and have an antibiotic or antibiotic ointment sent to you and your nearest postal pickup area. Illnesses such as conjunctivitis or pink eye are examples of common infections spread by visitors coming to your homestead or coming in contact with them socially. Effective pink eye treatment consists of medicated eye drops and general care of the eye until swelling and irritation subside. Fortunately, pink eye and many other infections can be examined and diagnosed via smartphone thanks to urgent care by phone services. This allows prepper homesteaders far from the nearest town to get the information they need to properly treat illness.

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Severe Cuts And Abrasions

Being active on your homestead with hunting, cutting and building puts you at a greater risk for scratches, cuts and abrasions out in the wild. Most people simply clean off a cut, add some antibacterial ointment and apply a bandage. It’s important to always have a first-aid kit stocked and on hand and easily accessible on your homestead. Stock up on:

-A variety of sized bandages and ACE wraps

-Antibacterial ointment and sprays

-Tweezers and small scissors

-Sterile gauze dressings

-Sterile gloves

-Eye wash

-Over-the-counter pills including acetaminophen and ibuprofen

Treating cuts and abrasions starts with keeping the area clean to prevent infection. Any sudden sign of infection should be addressed with your doctor. Initially, using a virtual service through your medical doctor may be acceptable if you are unable to visit right away and symptoms are minor. Don’t hold back from emergency care if you have a wound that doesn’t heal, are unable to move the body part or you are bleeding uncontrollably.


With any injury, pain is a common symptom. While most pain from a minor injury is temporary and can be relieved with over-the-counter medication, sometimes pain indicates a more severe underlying problem. Pain that doesn’t subside in a few days or is to severe to walk on or move with, should be addressed immediately by a medical professional. Prompt medical care and possible surgical intervention may be needed to save damaged tissue or bone.

Cough And Flu-Like Symptoms

Living out in the wild can be exhilarating, but what happens when you get a cold or get sick? Non-medicinal remedies including homemade soups and herbal teas can help to ease discomfort. But be careful when a cough accompanies a fever and other severe symptoms. If your body doesn’t break its fever in 24 hours and your cough produces green mucus, you could have an infection or more severe illness. Seek urgent medical care right away.

Homesteading brings about an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle. Don’t forget to routinely seek medical care so you can remain self reliant for years to come.

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