A Non-Toxic Pan That is Non-Stick And Great for One-Pan Meals


By Heather Callaghan, Editor

Did you know that most kitchen pans sold today – especially non-stick pans – are incredibly toxic? When all that Teflon coating wears off of the pan it is actually inside of you because it becomes a part of your food (!). The only reason I ever used those Teflon-coated pans was because they were “hand-me downs” and then I wouldn’t have to buy any pans. I could not find a non-toxic pan.

But as time wore on, the Teflon wore off and so did its “non-stick-ness.” So did my ability to trust the healthiness of my cooked food. I don’t know about you but I finally got tired of eating Teflon – also known as Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – an accidental invention by a DuPont chemist. It is also another ingested source of fluoride.

Years back, I thought I could get away with cheap, supposedly stainless steel pans from dollar stores. Big mistake. I have burnt hundreds of meals including some that were really important for other people. (But hey, what am I saying – I don’t deserve burnt meals, either.) Not to mention, many of those pans are actually an amalgam of cheaper metals including nickel. According to detox experts, nickel is the #1 heavy metal toxicant affecting people who seek alternative help for their health problems, along with mercury. Turns out that stainless steel is a loose term for an alloy that can contain a cocktail of nickel, chromium and other metals we should not infuse into our meals.

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Newer cast iron pans seem to be pre-coated with chemicals. Plus, they are impossibly heavy and bulky. Try moving across the country with them or sending some to a friend. And of course, the food sticks…

Since I’m really getting into cooking lately, all I wanted was an oven-safe pan that is light, heats evenly, is easy to cook with and clean. And best off all, a totally non-toxic pan.

Found it!

With a significant discount, I finally made a small investment in a DaTerra Vesuvio ceramic coated pan and I really enjoy cooking with it every day now. Bye, terrible Teflon!

Seriously, it’s been about six months and I use it for nearly every dinner. It’s great to use the stove with this much confidence. It’s super light weight and just makes cooking easy.

I thought my overly hot stove was to blame for all my ruined meals – but it was always the poor quality pans. It’s rare that I get excited about products any more because they are usually designed to be cheap and breakable.

I had to Instagram this one because I’m so glad with the ease of cooking…


One Pan Meals Are A Cinch

Here is a recipe we featured that I made entirely using the pan.

Vegan Curry Butternut Squash Noodles Easy, Quick, Grain-Free


I also made this vegan chickpea curry entirely from one DaTerra Vesuvio pan.

It’s oven safe to 490 degrees Fahrenheit and doesn’t not contain PTFE, PTOA, cadmium or lead. It has an aluminum base that is safely covered in a natural volcanic mineral ceramic coating. So far, none of the food has stuck and the inside of the pan hasn’t scratched at all. To keep it that way, only use the soft side of a non-scratch sponge to clean. I’ve never had to soak it, because the food doesn’t stick. I clean it with the same ease as a dish. 


It’s a relief to pursue one of my favorite hobbies and have meals that are actually edible and don’t set off the sensitive smoke alarm. I made a pretty mean Paleo pancake and some very flip-friendly omelets, too.

We here loved the pan so much we asked the company for a discount and not only did they agree to give us a promo code, but they are making a 15% discount last for Natural Blaze readers for a week!

Enjoy the discount before limited quantities run out.

Code for DaTerra Vesuvio Ceramic Non-Stick Frying Pan, 11in and/or the smaller size Vesuvio Ceramic Coated Nonstick Frying Pan, 9.5 Inch:



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Heather Callaghan is an independent researcher, writer, speaker and food freedom activist. She is the Editor and co-founder of NaturalBlaze.

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