The Link Between Obesity and Titanium Dioxide

titanium dioxide obesity

By Robin D P Watson, Natural Blaze

There is a growing body of evidence to indicate that this may just be the case, for it is certainly disturbing a great many of our body’s processes. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is food additive found in a significant percentage of processed food products we consume including dairy, cereals, condiments, sauces and many others.

Modeling is based on the consumption of manufactured foods containing Titanium dioxide. When Food intake is approx. 500gms per day, the consumption of titanium dioxide may be as high as 1%. This equates to approximately 5gms of Titanium Dioxide being consumed per day

Under normal conditions, the body can only excrete approx 0.8gms each day. Above 0.8mgs, bioaccumulation starts to occur, as the following figures illustrate:

Equates to 4.2gms of weight increase per day
Equates to 1.533kgs increase in 1year
Equates to 15.33kgs in 10 years

This bioaccumulation of Titanium dioxide sets in motion inflammatory processes which affect each individual differently, this depends on many co-factors.

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Red flags implicating TiO2 in many diseases are starting to appear in the scientific literature.

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Many animal studies have indicated that it impairs cellular functions, from the least life form across the spectra to man.

Nature protects the biodiversity on this planet by locking up the most toxic materials in complex mineral forms, although titanium dioxide is one of the most abundant minerals on this planet, it is not found freely in nature. Titanium dioxide has to be extensively manufactured, to release it from the ores in which it is found.

Editor’s note: Titanium dioxide is found in many “natural” food and products like coconut creamers, gum, sun screens and makeup.

Titanium Dioxide is a ceramic and as a ceramic, it is similar to Asbestos, especially if it is electro-spun. (a manufactured fibre form)

So it is hardly a surprise that it would produce similar toxicological responses within the body as Asbestos.

Our Digestive Tract

The actual process of becoming obese starts in our digestive tract, where particles of Titanium dioxide excoriate the microvilli, which line the walls of our digestive tract.

The function of these cells is to edit passing material, absorbing the essential nutrients and rejecting the rest. Each of these cells consists of three parts. The tips of the cells are the intelligent sensors which play pass the parcel, the middle part are escalatory cells which draw nutrients down to the base where the lower part acts as micro digesters absorbing the material for transport around the body.

When the microvilli are damaged it sets in train a growing set of health issues, for now the particles of titanium dioxide move freely throughout the body damaging cells, DNA and creating conditions which allow many different disease processes to trigger.

These disease triggers are normally held in a sort of balance by other cells, but when the function of our macrophages (system cleaners) is compromised by Titanium dioxide, we start to put on weight, not only from the nanoparticles of titanium dioxide but also from uncleared detritus, which is accumulating from the impaired loss of function of our macrophages.

Next particles of Titanium dioxide start to affect, the function of our red blood cells. This slows our metabolic processes, compounds our weight problems and leads to the development of many other health issues.

Cytotoxicity, DNA damage, and apoptosis induced by titanium dioxide nanoparticles

TiO2 nanoparticles promote beta-amyloid fibrillation in vitro

Titanium dioxide is insoluble, it is not a nutrient so it bio-accumulates with toxic effects.

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