Reduce Nighttime Bathroom Trips – Diet Hack for Frequent Urination


By Health Tips Now

Most people, over the age of 50, wake up during the night to urinate. This condition is known as nocturia. It can lead to irritability, sleep disruption, stress, and daytime tiredness. But a new study reveals that one easy diet change can reduce nighttime bathroom trips.

People who have this problem are often told to reduce the amount of water they drink before bedtime. But drinking plenty of water every day is important for good health. According to new research, there may be another, more effective strategy to reduce nighttime bathroom trips. These new findings were presented at the European Society of Urology congress in London.

Researchers at Nagasaki University in Japan gathered 688 volunteers at least 55 years of age who all had nocturia.

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Then the subjects were divided into two groups. One group was the Hypertension group (H group) and the other Non-hypertension group (N-H group). The H group consumed 11 grams of salt every day. The N-H group reduced their salt intake from 11 to 8 grams a day. (1)

11 gr. of salt contains about 4.400 mg of sodium, therefore, 8 grams of salt contains about 3.200 mg of sodium. (2)

After 12 weeks, the N-H group reduced the number of nighttime bathroom trips almost in half. They went from an average of 2.3 trips a night to 1.4.

Meanwhile, the H group continued to frequently use the bathroom and they even went from 2.3 bathroom visits a night to 2.7.

The study author Dr. Tomohiro Matsuo, a urology professor at Nagasaki University said: “This simple dietary modification might significantly improve the quality of life for many people.”

6 Hidden Sources of Salt in Your Diet

You don’t have to deprive yourself to reduce nighttime bathroom trips. You can still eat salty foods. But do your health a favor and cut out junk foods. Actually, Americans get 75% of their salt from fast foods and processed foods. Just by eliminating these foods, you’ll not only reduce nighttime bathroom trips, but your overall health will improve. (3)

Here’s a list of foods where salt is hiding:

Canned stews, soups, vegetables. Some these contain over 2.5 grams of salt per serving which is actually 1,000 mg of sodium. Canned chilis and beef stews are often even higher.

Condiments. Commercial mustards, ketchup, steak sauce, barbecue sauce, store-bought dips, and anything pickled are all loaded with salt.

Cheeses. Lots of salt is used during the process of cheese making. The worst are gorgonzola, Roquefort, and blue cheeses.

Processed, smoked, or cured meats. These are among the worst things you can eat. A single strip of bacon contains more than 1.5 grams of salt or 620 mg of sodium.

Baked goods. Commercial baked goods no matter if sweet or savory are full of salt.

Fast food. It’s bad for your liver, heart, brain, and just for everything else. That fast food chicken sandwich or burger can contain 3.5 grams of salt or 1,450 mg of sodium.

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