If Your Car Sinks in Water Do This Immediately!

how to survive if your car sinks

By Heather Callaghan, Editor

How to escape if your car is submerged in water

Did you know that over 400 people each year die inside sinking cars? You would think it would be a rare event, but careening a car into a lake is not the only way that people perish in sinking cars. It happens in the aftermath of hurricanes and floods, thus, we cannot over-stress the importance of having supplies on hand so that you do not find yourself in this situation.

Getting your information from movies and TV will get you killed. Especially because the media trains you to call 911 for assistance as your vehicle is submerging in water. Police and Rescue cannot reach you in time.

It is a horrible way to go – each year, dispatchers are haunted by the last words of people who chose to call 911 instead of act in the most crucial 30 seconds of their lives.

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A person in my area died this way in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew when he went on the roads during flash flooding – where much of the road was washed away – and this person sadly washed away, too.

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Who better to show you how survive a sinking car than someone willing to sink themselves in a car!

Expert Geoff Fahringer sinks himself and others repeatedly in a nightmarish scenario so that you and your family can train each other exactly what to do when your car sinks.

You have only 30 seconds to act. The key is to 1). unbuckle, 2.) unroll, and 3.) get out through the front windows. If you weren’t able unroll your window you can easily break the window with a cheap tool within grabbing distance.

The following instructional also shows how to save children and babies. This 2-minute video could save your life!

WATCH the demonstration:

Source: YouTube

This poor woman had mere seconds of breath left when an officer just happened to see her car go off a cliff and he found a rock!

You can see that not long after, she is already trapped.

But the vast majority have not been so lucky. Thank God for the officers who saw her and acted!

She emerges to take what was almost her last breath of air on Earth…

Again, the above situation is a rare miracle, but also shows how little time we have to act in this emergency survival situation.

From now on, 911 dispatchers are trained to say “Get out now!” which doesn’t really help if someone doesn’t know how.

Preparedness is peace of mind.

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