Does Privacy of Life Matter for Celebrities?


By Dr. Fahad Basheer

“The whole world is watching you. You cannot be the real You when you are being observed. There is a science to why this happens!”

It’s so hard to live with ease when you are so famous! In whichever field you are. You’ve  lost that privacy of life that you enjoyed since childhood. Day by day it becomes tougher for men and women with higher status to live a relaxed life as more people get to know you. It makes people restrict their behaviours and expressions. When you feel happy, you won’t be able to express it as the way you feel inside and you are not able to express your sadness as you feel it inside. The whole world is watching you.

Whatever you do can be easily misinterpreted and distorted in favour for you as well against you. What happens when some one always notices you? Will you be able to walk freely? you feel constrictions and restrictions in your body as well as in your mind. For this simple thing to happen you don’t need to be a celebrity, you just need to be an ordinary man.

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You become over-conscious of the way you walk, talk and everything else when someone observes you. You cannot be the real You when are being observed. There is a science of why this happens!


We usually live in the flow of our programs in our unconscious mind. This part of mind holds all our habits, emotions, experiences and beliefs. We are usually unaware of what we do when no one notices us.

Imagine yourself living in a living room and compare it with how  you are in a class room or workplace. Yes! That difference tells a lot. When we are alone we work from the program of our unconscious mind. That’s the real You. Enjoying and relaxing the privacy of life. Cheering with family and children. But that’s not who you really are once out of that private zone. So what happens when you are out of that zone?

Yes! Interference of conscious mind takes place when you are outside. You are bound to social setup which the community has set up. You are at constant stimulation of this part of your mind to control and restrict who you really are. What happens when some one observes you? This is again superimposed with the awareness of being observed. This makes a person over-conscious of his or her actions and talks.

When you are politician, you are been forced to adopt a character to suit the perception of public. When you are religious leader, you are again obliged to adopt another character which should please its followers. When you a celebrity you are indeed forced to adopt characters to satisfy the film industry as well as public.

Nowadays these three groups have the largest followers than the rest of other proponents! So, you are actually obliged or forced to adopt a particular character which isn’t really the real, relaxed you. In fact, it is a constricted self. Because the moment you make a mistake, a millions are already ready out there to blame and put you down. If you make a statement it should be perfect – if it isn’t it can definitely spoil the reputation you built – other than the real You. And that’s the reason why it hurts when some one gets addicted to burning up your reputation.

No matter however hard you try to be Mr. Perfect, some habits won’t change. It’s because it’s a programmed data of your unconscious mind. For example: Nail biting is an unconscious habit.  Will you bite  your nails in front of a professor or head of the institution who is a superior while in a conversation? Nope. You don’t! But when it comes to friends, yes! You would bite your nails. Because that over-conscious conscious mind is gradually switching off.

Ok. Now if it is in your home with your family. You will do it but a little longer than you did in front of your friends. It’s because you are more free to express who you really are. And when you are in your room alone. Perhaps it would be even more than if you were with your family as you are now able to express more liberally as there are no negative comments you are going to receive because of this behaviour.

Nail biting is just an example to make you understand how unconscious mind and conscious mind interchange their role with respect to the privacy of your life. Even in public places, when no one notices you, you bite your nails. It’s because you know there is no one whom you know observing you. But if some start observing you, you just stop! In sum, when you were biting your nails, you were not conscious of what you were doing. But when someone observed you,  You became conscious of it and stopped what you were doing while you were in your unconscious mind. Like nail biting, there are a lot of other behaviours and habits which you don’t observe which others seriously misinterpret and can definitely understand.


So, is life out there so easy and relaxed that you are in your room? It will never be the same. And you do experience it. Its really difficult to become who you really are when you become more popular. You might miss those old privacies and the easiness of life. I call these things ‘Peaceless Reputations.’ These peaceless reputations make you to be someone who isn’t the real You and makes life constructed and restricted.

When you have nothing with you, you think you need something and when you get everything you will realize that you don’t need those things….I call them ‘priceless reputations’. 

It’s behind these reputations today we fight each other. We are taught and brought up by our circumstances to compete and put down others to gain reputation. This has only made enemies one after another. This makes you to constantly become whom you really aren’t, fighting for something that’s not going to exist even after your death. In fact, the world is so spacious nowadays that beggars these days enjoy the privacy of their life better than the celebrities, politicians and religious leaders. Though they are begging in public and every one watches them, “ who really cares what they are doing?” Enjoying each moment of their life, they are indeed too lucky to have that beautiful privacy of life which the celebrities can’t have nor can enjoy these days!

Some times its better to be avoided by others to enjoy your own beautiful life! If someone questions your reputation and tries to dismantle it, how easy would your life be if you don’t waste your time and energy trying to re-prove your reputation. You become more stress-free!

But only few can really achieve this! Unfortunately most have been addicted to the very same reputations, which makes them live constantly in a fear of losing this reputation. However, beggars are enjoying this “quality of life” which the celebrities and ordinary people like us do not have.

Dr. Fahad Basheer.

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About the author:

Dr. Fahad Basheer is an author, writer and a trainer. He is a highly influential independent researcher of consciousness, mind body continuum system and its applications in medicine.He has specialized in NLP psycho therapeutics. He is the author of the book “The Science of Emotions”. He has published numerous articles to different magazines and Medical Journals. Follow Dr.Fahad Basheer on Facebook: & Twitter:

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