Gemmotherapy – The Healing Power Of Buds


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Gemmotherapy (from Latin gemma -precious stone, bud, and therapy – treatment), is a kind of herbal medicine which uses special preparations made of embryonic tissues of shrubs and trees. Buds are most commonly used for the preparations, and less frequently inner bark, seeds, scions, roots, and juice of young trees and shrubs.

Ingredients for gemmotherapy are harvested in the spring throughout the period of plant growth and cellular division (except seeds, which are harvested in the fall), at the peak of sprouting. During this stage, they contain the highest levels and concentration of vitamins, active growth factor hormones, enzymes, and plant hormones – auxins and gibberellins.

History of Gemmotherapy

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, with his ground work “The metamorphosis of plants” was probably the first inspirer. (1)

Dr. Pol Henry (1918-1988), Belgian homeopath, is commonly regarded as the founder of gemmotherapy. He studied a series of young shoots and buds, developed an extraction method specifically for embryonic plant tissues and created this new method in 1959. This form of medicine is sometimes called phytoembryotherapy due to the so-called book by Dr. Pol Henry.

Later, Dr. Max Tetau established a correspondence between immune reactions of patients and nature’s evolution. During the 1970’s Dr. Tetau re-named phytoembryotherapy into gemmotherapy and brought the principles of this discipline closer to the practice and theory of homeopathy.

Based on the work of Dr. Henry and Dr. Tetau, gemmotherapy can be described as the use of embryonic, developing, plant tissues: young shoots, fresh buds, rootlets macerated in a mix of alcohol, glycerine, and water.

So Why Gemmotherapy?

Buds contain the powerful energy of the future plant. A single cell from a bud could in-vitro reconstitute the whole plant with all of its genetic information. Therefore, this implies that bud extracts used therapeutically will have a wider range of action than either the leaves, roots or flowers and that their action will be deep, powerful, and fast acting. These embryonic tissues are in a phase where their cells multiply rapidly. They contain more genetic information or nucleic acid than other tissues and also contain oligo-elements, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and growing factors such as auxines and gibberellins, and above all mineral sap.

These energy-filled and intense buds, on a physical level, stimulate rejuvenation and trigger a revitalisation of sclerotic organs, a precious help in chronic degenerative ailments.

The main spheres of action of bud preparations are:

  • allergies,
  • liver health,
  • kidney health
  • circulatory problems,
  • articulatory suppleness,
  • osteoporosis,
  • the balance of the female hormonal system,
  • thyroid imbalances,
  • nervous system disorders,
  • pulmonary system,
  • memory,
  • skin ailments.

Benefits of Gemmotherapy

Anti-aging – delivers antioxidants in the system, rejuvenates cells, organs, and skin tissue; stimulates lymph and blood activities.

Detoxifies – chemically reacts to cleanse and purify cells.

Drains – stimulates the removal of toxins from our bodies through organ fluids (lymph and blood).

Regenerates dying cells – balances electrolytes, oxygenates cells, and improves electrical potential.

Nourishes – delivers a full spectrum of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, hormones, amino acids etc.

Repairs RNA – stimulates functions of various glands and organs that carry or remove waste from the body, stimulates growth with active hormones.

Revitalizes worn out organ systems and vital organs – through organ excitation, gemmotherapy preparations improve overall function.
Gemmotherapy can also be beneficial on a much more subtle level. Preparations contain the essence of the tree and a concentration of information.

Trees capture both cosmic forces – energies coming from the sky downwards, and telluric forces those coming from below to above.
In the bud there is a build up, retained of this life energy that is suddenly forced around the whole tree at the moment when the spring sap triggers new life with unbelievable vital force. Actually, we are trying to capture this concentrated energy in the bud, when making tree bud medicine. It is the potent, life-giving, vital, informational, and vigorous expression of the whole tree, which can also help increase the life force of human organisms. In the contracted bud lies the future tree.

It is very important to harvest them fresh and at the right moment, in order to capture this energetic and physical information encapsulated in the bud. Also, it is recommended to make the medicine on the field. So, just take everything you need and put the buds straight into the maceration blend.

How to Make Gemmotherapy Preparations?

A 1X potency is prepared either from plant tissues or from certain buds in the process of division and growth. In order to extract the embryonic substance and vital energy from the fresh buds, soak them in a solution of equal parts of alcohol and glycerin for three weeks.

After three weeks filter and optionally dilute the gemmo.

How To Dose Gemmo’s

Commonly, the dose is from 20 – 30 drops per day of each of the gemmo.

Take the preparations alone or with a glass of water before meals.

Adjust doses according to the individual reaction of each person.

The physician may either increase them or decrease them.

Use only one at a time! Don’t mix several medications in the same prescription bottle.

Latin Name English Name Part Of Plants Indications


Wayfaring tree buds Asthma, chronic spasmodic rhinitis, hyperthyroidism, bronchitis


Cowberry buds Colitis, kidney stones, chronic urinary tract inflammations (E. coli), cystitis, gastrointestinal drainer, chronic constipation, diarrhea, uterine fibroma


Elm buds eczema, acnes, impetigo, drains oozing skin eruptions, regulates and balances the sebaceous gland, atopic dermatitis, herpes, boils


Silver lime buds sedative, depression, spasmodic colitis, obsession, anxiety neurosis, insomnia, hyperthyroidism, tachycardia


French tamarisk buds stimulates formation of red blood cells, anemia, high cholesterol, viral infection, mononucleosis


Service tree buds vein diseases, phlebitis, hemolysis, varicose ulcer, hemorrhoids, old age deafness, tinnitus


Giant sequoia buds prostate hypertrophy, adenoma, uterine myoma and fibroma, male sexual asthenia, prostatitis, dysuria, impotency,numerous fractures, pollakiuria


Red raspberry buds female problems, irregular menstrual cycle, back pains, uterine inflammations, vaginitis, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, promotes estrogen and progesterone secretion


Rosemary buds liver insufficiency, dyskinesia, biliary colic, high triglycerides


Dog rose buds migraines, headaches, children rhinopharyngitis, inflammatory conditions, warts, goiter, herpes


Blackcurrant buds allergies, pollen fever, migraine inflammation of the respiratory tract, asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, infant rhinopharyngitis, inflammation of the digestive system, duodenal ulcer, inflammation of the urinary system, eczema, psoriasis, acne, coryza, mononucleosis, emphysema, urticaria, prostatitis, inflamed tendons and ligaments, fractures, tendonitis, gout, hypotension, headaches, anemia, pancreatitis


Almond buds high blood pressure, anti sclerotic, phobic neurosis, obsessive neurosis, high blood cholesterol, high triglycerides


Black poplar buds obliterating atherosclerosis, arthritis of the lower limbs, urethritis, cystitis, tracheal inflammation, chronic bronchitis


Mountain pine buds chronic rheumatism, knee and hip, osteoporosis, fractures in children and the elderly, demineralization of the tissues, arthritis, osteoarthritis


Olive buds Arterosclerosis, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol, phobia neurosis, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, obsessive neurosis, facial neuralgia, senility


Common juniper scion liver insufficiency, cirrhosis, hepatitis, renal insufficiency, urine retention, urethritis, pyelonephritis, hyperglycemia, high cholesterol, uric acid


Persian walnut buds Pancreatic disorders, hemorrhoids, cirrhosis, skin infections, eczema, impetigo, acne, varicose veins, bronchitis, intestinal gas, colitis, active against streptococcus and staphylococcus bacteria


European ash buds acute and chronic gout, regulates blood uric acid levels, inflammation of the ligaments, renal insufficiency, uterine fibroma


Fig buds anemia, obsession, anxiety, depression, neurosis, gastritis, peptic ulcers, duodenal ulcer, dyspepsia, facial neuralgia, bulimia, mania, headaches, psychosomatic disorders, colitis, vertigo,


Beech buds kidney insufficiency, kidney stones


Hawthorn buds heart insufficiency, pain in heart area, tachycardia, heart attack hyperthyroidism, angina, hypertension, atherosclerosis, myocarditis


Hazel buds emphysema and lung fibrosis, bronchitis, acts as an astringent, allergic coryza, pulmonary sclerosis, anemia, cirrhosis


Lebanon cedar buds dry skin, eczema, skin rashes, psoriasis, skin allergies


Hornbeam buds chronic and acute laryngitis, coughing, rhinopharyngitis, bronchitis, whooping cough, sinusitis, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, allergic coryza


Japanese ivy buds chronic rheumatism, arthritis


Black alder buds brain hemorrhage, stroke, chronic rhinitis, cerebral degeneration, memory loss, myocarditis, migraines, osteoporosis, sinusitis, laryngitis, duodenal ulcer, urticaria, arthritis


Horse chestnut buds hemorrhoids


Maple buds poliomyelitis, paralysis, herpes zoster, atherosclerosis


Fir buds children’s bones and teeth, loss of calcium, rickets, cavities, fractures, rhinopharyngitis, pyorrhea, alveolitis,


Birch buds acts as an antihistamine, facilitates thyroid function, degenerative inflammatory diseases, gout, periodontitis, puberty, menopause, finger arthritis, pyorrhea, myocarditis


Sweet chestnut buds lymphatic drainer of the lower limbs, varicose veins, edema of the feet, varicose ulcer, cellulitis


Lemon buds edema of the knees, thrombosis, varicose veins


Mistletoe buds tinnitus, hypertension, sciatica


Common Grape Vine buds arthritis, osteoarthritis of the knees and hip, regulates white blood cells, for all neo-formation, phlebitis, benign tumor, bone cancer, papilloma


Blackberry buds uterine fibroma, osteoarthritis of the knee, consolidates bone tissue, osteoporosis


Oak universal drainer, adverse reaction of drugs, tinnitus, old age deafness, depression, stimulates secretion of testosterone, acts on gonads of sexes, periodontitis, sexual asthenia, frigidity, hypotension, pyorrhea


Oriental plane acne, vitiligo, urticaria

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