Big win (for now) to protect kratom

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By Susan Ash

The American Kratom Association needs your help to protect kratom.

Dear Kratom Supporters – The wave of support you’ve shown us over the last several months, as we at the American Kratom Association (AKA) fight to save kratom, has truly been amazing.  

Your generosity, willingness to volunteer, and words of support and encouragement have helped so much in this ongoing battle to protect the rights of everyone.  

Let me say from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!

I wanted to take a few minutes to provide you with an update on the AKA’s efforts and give you some insight on our plans moving forward.  

Keeping kratom legal across the United States:

As many of you are aware, anti-kratom bills have been introduced in several states this year.  It has become clear that many of the legislators are including kratom due to a fundamental misunderstanding of the coffee-like herb. We have been diligent in our efforts to defend kratom. 

Just today, our lobbying efforts have proven successful as anti-kratom language was removed from a House bill in West Virginia.  

While this was a significant victory, we will monitor activities in the state to ensure language doesn’t appear when it goes to the Senate.

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With additional bills in Utah, Florida, Oregon, and New York, the AKA team continues to aggressively act – having deployed our lobbyists and our grassroots base to meet with legislators and talk to the press to defeat these bills.  We believe that through these efforts, we will continue to see positive outcomes by the end of the 2017 state legislative sessions.

I will personally be traveling to these states to add a strong voice in support of keeping kratom legal.

Overturning existing state bans:

While we continue to work protecting kratom in states around the country, there are other states including Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Vermont, Indiana and Wisconsin, that currently have kratom bans in place.  Kratom critics are actively circulating the various federal documents that make false and discredited claims about kratom addiction and safety of use.

Our legal and lobbying teams have been working closely and have developed targeted strategies to overturn these bans that are based on incorrect assumptions.

Federal Efforts:

The AKA has one of the best federal lobbying firms in the country and we have already seen so many successes.  Our team continues to meet with key leaders on Capitol Hill and the response has been extremely positive.

How else would we have gotten 51 members of Congress and 13 Senators to sign letters to the DEA opposing their attempt to emergency schedule kratom?

These efforts could only be accomplished due to your generosity and willingness to financially support the American Kratom Association.  

I’m humbled every day when I see contributions from a veteran who writes a $100 check or a retiree who writes a check for $15.  Each contribution helps us carry on this important work.

We will not rest while this botanical that has helped millions of people, is under attack.  

Thank you again for your help and support!


Susan Ash
Founder and Director
American Kratom Association

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This newsletter was reprinted on Natural Blaze with permission from the AKA.

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