Small Actions to Improve Your Emotional and Physical Well-Being


It isn’t necessary to initially make huge changes in one’s life to create a new life. In fact, it usually isn’t even a good idea to make drastic changes all at once because it can lead to greater feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. True success comes when people change a lot of small actions over time to create the life they truly want

Taking Time to Unplug

People often don’t realize the psychological and physical implications of always being connected. Never being away from a television, computer, or smart phone has the effect of creating a constant stream of background noise that prohibits us from being alone with ourselves. The steady flow of information and requests can create higher levels of anxiety.

Escaping the digital noises is as simple as leaving all devices at home or in a car and enjoying nature. This could be something as simple as a round of golf without a smartphone or something more time consuming like an afternoon horseback ride. Even a short walk in a city park or along the beach can be enough to find one’s center and tune out the outside distractions. At HARP Rehab Henderson, Nevada, visitors are encouraged to learn about this important type of self-care.

Importance of a Routine

One of the best ways to do this is to evaluate your daily routine. If you want to be productive and wake up earlier each day, then it is important to look first at your nighttime routine. People who stay up late gaming, watching television, spending time with friends, or even reading are likely going to find it difficult to wake up early and get started on rocking their day.

If you want to be more productive, it makes sense to first adjust what time you are going to sleep. Start by going to bed half an hour earlier until you are naturally waking up at the desired time with enough energy to blast your goals out of the water. This is the type of small change in routine that can have a big impact on one’s entire life.

Making a Plan

In order to set up a really great routine and to even make time to spend in nature, it’s important to have an overall life plan with identifiable goals to work towards. People are encouraged to have a retirement plan, a college plan, even a curriculum plan in high school and yet very few take the time to imagine the type of life they ultimately want to live. What could be accomplished if only you knew exactly what you wanted and what steps you could be actively taking towards working to achieve it on a daily basis?

Too often, people are scared to even try to create a plan out of a fear of failure. The authors of Designing Your Life have a number of useful free resources to make the process easier. One of the key takeaways from their program is to realize that it’s ok to change course multiple times and that failure isn’t a bad thing. Failure is simply a stepping stone to finding the life that truly excites you.

Small changes begin with taking the time to unplug and get to know yourself better. Learning what you truly enjoy experiencing and what is nothing more than a distraction. The next step is making small changes to facilitate creating the personal space needed to create a plan for the healthier and happier life you crave and then working towards it with hope and enthusiasim.

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