Fake Truth is Today’s Truth.


By Lanaria Amberkira, The Netherlands

Today it is difficult to distinguish the real news and fake news and we cannot see through the trees the forest.

Complete social media office rooms are full with people, who constantly submit fake news in the world, as America, Europe, Russia and everywhere in the world and they name them trolls.

A troll is a person who puts on Usenet, forums, websites or instant channels message with the aim to trigger emotional responses (like anger, irritability, sadness, or verbal abuse – also mentioned  flames),  to provoke other people, give intentionally wrong information (disinformation), or express themselves otherwise than they really are.

People often look for confirmation of his/her thoughts and views and find items that confirm that thinking, where Trolls and media, use, abuse and feed us extra with.

The abundance of (fake) information is grand and to differentiate between real and fake is extremely difficult and those who divide us, the spin doctors are masters of thinking forwards, are real chess grand masters. The way it is done is very clever,  to create even more division and with the ultimate goal to put the true media outside the game, and before we realize, we get propaganda media in the place.

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Handy politicians are responding, and partially, because they are right, but they also use it regrettably for their own gain, otherwise it is fake news, or at least, a bias news.

Every advantage has its disadvantage and every disadvantage its advantage.

The media is under heavy pressure in recent decades, with the new possibilities, the internet, social media, whereby likely the scoring is more important than truthful journalism. The money was limited, because of budget cuts and  massive loss of readers and profit make was more important. The shareholder must finally be satisfied. The main media are beneath the joke of the establishment and take too often very biased reporting on what they are presenting. Yet most journalists are real journalists who practice their work with passionate idealism.

Journalism can be defined as the collection of mostly new or updated data. This involves data that are mostly of general interest, in particular topics such as politics, economy and safety, and those are followed. Journalism is a detail report to give news. A journalist collects and processes the news to the reader, viewer or listener.

Journalism is the discipline of gathering, monitoring, reporting and analyzing the news. A journalistic message must first answer the questions, who, what, where, when, why and how (= the five W + H). Journalism is a free profession, and must be able to work independently, only then can there be freedom of press and expression.

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Media is important and necessary for our freedoms and protection of democracy.

It is time for the media to be rediscovered. To reinvent themselves looking under a magnifying glass and learn from it. Right now, it is more important than ever for companies and individuals to publish independent free press, which is as close as possible to the truth.  Then disadvantage become advantage, so that the people finally can read real journalism and can experience the difference between fake news and actual news.


Listen to your common sense, listen to your inner knowing, your conscience, your soul voice, and you will find truth, both, journalism and the reader. Do not let be misguided!

From the depths of the darkest misery, there is light. From the ashes we will rise again. Human beings are incredibly resilient and will eventually conquer love, one will see the light again.

“Whoever controls the media controls the mind” – Jim Morrison

Liars and cheaters, where are the keepers? The keepers of peace, love, harmony. This is not God’s symphony. (L.M)

Lanaria Amberkira    19-02-2017   Edited: Gabriela Canastraro Kolodko

Video peacemessage: https://youtu.be/jh142luEszg 

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