These Smudge Sticks Eliminate Negative Energy and Stress From Any Space – Here’s How to Make Yours

smudge sticks

By Organic and Healthy

Ever since the Ancient Times – Human have used plants in many different ways.

They’ve been used in Health, Cleansing, Guidance, Personal Exploration and Protection.

This brings us onto the Power of Smudging.
In essence, smudging is the burning of herbs before spreading the smoke across your body or fanned around a particular area in order to cleanse or protect.


What Herbs Do I Need?

Below is a list of just some of the herbs used in the smudging world.

  • sage – negative energy clearing
  • sagebrush – to treat wounds + headaches + colds
  • cedar leaf – cleansing + purification
  • pine needles – cleansing + purification
  • balsam fir – cleansing + purification
  • mugwort – lucid dreaming + purification + calming
  • juniper – cleansing + purification
  • holy basil (tulsi) – purification + calming
  • rosemary – protection
  • lavender – calming
  • desert chaparral – negative energy clearing + protection + calm
  • peppermint – healing + protection
  • yarrow – eliminates toxins from the body
How to Make Smudge Sticks:
  1. Grab the branches of the plant you are using and cut them into 7/10inch lengths
  2. Get some hemp or cotton cord and measure it out 4 times larger than the branches
  3. Tuck all the branches together and wrap the cord around the bottom of the branches
  4. Work your way up to the top, weaving the cord around
  5. Once at the top, come back down and tie both ends together at the base
  6. You’re Done!

How to Smudge:

Get yourself a match or lighter and light the tip of the stick until there’s a steady flame. Once done, blow out so only smoke remains and let it slowly burn away as you fan yourself with the smoke!
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