Nanoparticles From Engines Can Awaken Dormant Viruses


By Heather Callaghan, Editor

Nanoparticles expelled from a variety of combustion engines can activate viruses that are dormant in lung tissue cells.

Combustion engines make the world go ’round – cars, planes, boats, some trains and jets, lawn mowers, weed cutters – any gas or diesel engine requiring internal combustion to force the movement of pistons.

Viruses are like sleeping dragons – when they wake up, you know it! Please don’t let that scare you. Although we don’t have much control over our polluted world, we do have control over ourselves and we’ve got solutions that will help you with the nanoparticle issue – so please take heart.

Readers may associate nanoparticles with heavy metals, but nanoparticles can be any type of nano-sized particle. The scientists in the following study appear to be talking about carbonaceous nanoparticles – those that are carbon-based and, therefore, non-metal.

New results from a study by researchers of Helmholtz Zentrum München have been published in the journal Particle and Fibre Toxicology showing that exposure to these nanoparticles can awaken sleeping viruses – like Epstein-Barr virus – that may try and hang out in your lung tissue. “Inhalation of environmental (nano) particles (NP) as well as persistent herpesvirus-infection are potentially associated with chronic lung disease and as both are omnipresent in human society a coincidence of these two factors is highly likely,” they said.

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They explain:

To evade the immune system, some viruses hide in cells of their host and persist there. In medical terminology, this state is referred to as a latent infection. If the immune system becomes weakened or if certain conditions change, the viruses become active again, begin to proliferate and destroy the host cell. A team of scientists led by Dr. Tobias Stöger of the Institute of Lung Biology and Prof. Dr. Heiko Adler, deputy head of the research unit Lung Repair and Regeneration at Helmholtz Zentrum München, now report that nanoparticles can also trigger this process.

nanoparticles combustion engines EBV

“Nanoparticles from combustion engines (shown here) can activate viruses that are dormant in in lung tissue.” Source: Helmholtz Zentrum München

The scientists tested the influence of nanoparticles typically generated by combustion in an experimental model for a particular herpes virus infection. Study leader Stöger and his colleagues found that “an exposure to nanoparticles can reactivate latent herpes viruses in the lung.”

Stöger said [emphasis mine],

From previous model studies we already knew that the inhalation of nanoparticles has an inflammatory effect and alters the immune system.

They reported a significant increase in viral proteins – after exposure, which are only produced with active virus proliferation. Their analyses also revealed patterns resembling acute infection. Additionally, they said that further experiments with human cells in a culture demonstrated that Epstein-Barr viruses are also ‘awakened’ when they come into contact with the nanoparticles.

They note the inflammatory effects on those with lung disease – that the reaction could cause tissue damage – and would like to test actual humans to see if the results of nanoparticle exposure are the same and if they can manipulate the pathway therapeutically (with drugs?). “At moderate doses, CNP-triggered acute inflammation has been shown to resolve within several days after exposure in noncompromised mice [5]. Yet, repeated inflammatory events or exposure of individuals with higher susceptibility to NP-associated adverse effects, such as asthmatics [6], might provoke severe damage to the lung tissue,” they wrote.

Epstein-Barr is one of the most quietly devastating diseases that the medical community overlooks as an underlying problem in people with “mystery illness.” While we can’t do much about nanoparticles dispersed in our environment, we can protect our bodies.

Anthony William, author of Medical Medium* is trying to tell as many people as possible that Epstein-Barr is probably the main source of their symptoms. We recommend you read it because the solutions (foods and herbs) are laid out in the book. You can visit his Heavy Metal Detox smoothie and start drinking them every day to clear the heavy metals out – heavy metals which he says feed Epstein-Barr. Other such smoothies on the Internet can be harmful because they recommend cilantro by itself which stirs up heavy metals in your body but doesn’t bind them well. William’s ingredients will bind the metals and carry them out safely.

You may be interested in our interview with a scientist about draining aluminum safely out of the body by drinking mineral waters (like Volvic). We also just discovered that one of the amazing benefits of Milk Thistle is that it was shown to help with lead accumulation – and it is a profound antioxidant.

*I’m reading his book and using his suggestions and am getting hopeful results, or else I wouldn’t recommend the book.


DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Photo credit: Oregon State University via Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA


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Heather Callaghan is an independent researcher, writer, speaker and food freedom activist. She is the Editor and co-founder of NaturalBlaze.

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