7 Kitchen Ingredients to Improve Memory, No. 5 Will Surprise You


By Adonia Dennis, Natural Blaze

Aging, illness, poor sleep, and mental disorders can all cause problems with your memory. If you’re experiencing memory problems that are severely interfering with your ability to function in life, do seek professional health. But if you’re just having a few memory slips here and there or just need a natural brain boost, then try out these ingredients you probably have lying around in your kitchen for an instant brain boost.

7 Kitchen Ingredients That Can Help Improve Your Memory

  1. Olive oil

Olive oil is a rich source of polyphenols which are potent plant antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that prevent free radical damage and that are known to protect the brain from age-related diseases and even improve mental functioning in old age. One study on mice published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that mice fed olive oil for 6 weeks had shown better learning and memory when compared to mice fed coconut oil or butter. The researchers believe that this effect was due to the olive oil reducing oxidative damage to the brain cells in their mice models.


  1. Blueberries

Blueberries are considered one of the best brain foods out there, mostly because of their high antioxidant content, but also because they are a rich source of key nutrients. They have been extensively studied in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, and most studies found that blueberries have a powerful effect and that they help reverse age-related cognitive decline. Blueberries proved to be equally powerful in boosting brain power in healthy individuals as well. To improve your memory, it’s best you munch on a couple of fresh blueberries because heat can reduce some of their nutritious content.


  1. Almonds

Almonds are often praised as brain foods, and for good reasons also. The reason being that almond are nutritional powerhouses containing all essential nutrients important for brain health and mental functioning. Almonds are a rich source of protein, zinc, vitamin E, and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Studies on almonds also show that they truly help boost brain power and they’re also a great option if you are having sleeping difficulties. Almonds are a rich source of an amino acid called tryptophan which is a precursor to melatonin production – the hormone that makes you feel sleepy.


  1. Rosemary

Sprinkling rosemary over your meals may be another way you could boost your memory according to a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food. The study found that older adults given rosemary had shown improvement in their memory. But if you wondered how to improve memory fast, then just smelling this aromatic herb could give you the brain boost you need according to another study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience. This study found that aromatherapy with rosemary improved mood and concentration in their test subjects.


  1. Black pepper

Black pepper gives your meals a nice and spicy taste, but it also helps you remember things. A study published in a recent issue of Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology found that a compound only found in black pepper called chavicine improves brain health. Chavicine seems to protect the brain from toxins and reverse damage already done to the brain. Red pepper works just as good according to another study that claims that red pepper could prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


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  1. Avocado

There is something in avocado that improved the functioning of mitochondria in brain cells. Mitochondria are parts of cells that generate energy for the cells. One study found that avocado oil seems to improve mitochondrial functioning and also reduces oxidative stress in the brain. Another study found that greater consumption of avocado improves neuron cell health and improves including working and spatial memory. Avocado seems to be a brain booster as powerful as some popular brain supplements.


  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great breakfast option because it provides you with ample energy and it also protects your blood vessel health. But oatmeal can also increase your brain power. One study compared memory and learning in school children given oatmeal and breakfast cereal. The study found that children fed oatmeal for breakfast exhibited better cognitive performance, especially in complex tasks. The oatmeal group also showed better short-term and long-term memory. One reason for this could be oatmeal’s large vitamin B content and the antioxidant selenium.


Your brain needs adequate nutrition to function properly. Eating foods high in antioxidants will protect your brain from the harmful effect of free radicals. Other foods provide your brain with the nutrients it needs to support the health and functioning of brain cells. Some brain foods also boost brain power by affecting neurotransmitter. By eating these 7 simple ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, you will provide your brain with the fuel it needs to function properly, and as a result, your learning and memory are bound to improve almost instantly.

Author Bio

Adonia Dennis (@adoniadennis), by profession a Health, Beauty and Skin Care adviser. She provides solution related to health and beauty problems. She is an independent researcher who researches for all type of skin related issues. She is a featured blogger at huffingtionpost.com and sheknows.com and share her views on health, fitness and diet. Visit Adonia on Facebook, Google+,  and Pinterest.

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