Key Fitness Apps For Greater Well-being


New year, new you. This age-old phrase gets chucked around left, right and center – every January, without fail. Come February, many peoples resolutions to live healthier have been thrown straight into the garbage. Luckily for you, we live in an age of fitness apps – so there’s no excuse for straying away from your goals! 

Apps like these are so successful as they recognize that different people’s brains function in different ways. Through tailor-made goals, not only are you more likely to meet them, but you’re also more likely to engage with the app and even start to find some apps essential. Here are some of the best: 

​Running Apps

One of the most successful apps of recent years is Couch to 5k. Like the name suggests, it’s aimed at couch potatoes looking to tackle something a little more exhausting than a 12 hour Netflix marathon – the dreaded 5k run. In the space of 9 weeks, it helps you transform a brisk walk into a more challenging jog. The app places motivational goals within a reasonable timescale – the perfect incentive for anyone at the start of their fitness journey. 


Image by Jason Howie, used under Creative Commons License (CC by 2.0

​Habit Apps

Looking to kick a bad habit this year? 21habit works over a period of 21 days, in which users pledge $21 to ingrain a new habit. It’s a simple concept, so for each day you stick to it you’ll get $1 back. If you fail to meet your goal, then 21habit will donate $1 amongst several charities. 

​Achieving Your Goals

The best apps are ones that can be cross-purposed, and that’s what makes 42goals so successful. Monitor everything from coffee consumption to weekly runs, and view charts to keep track of progress. Can’t decide whether to cut down on daily expenses or fit in that extra gym session? With 42goals, you can do both – the sky’s the limit. 

…In Next to No Time

Fitness is great, it’s just finding the time to fit it in and deciding what exercises to do – sound familiar? Sworkit produces workouts which are tailored to YOU. Type in what you’re looking to exercise, and how long for, and the app’ll write up a routine that’ll get your blood pumping. 

​Apps for Cycling

Exercise doesn’t always come in the form of blistering sprints and tight gym gear. It’s often much more rewarding exploring the great outdoors, and Yonder focuses on people who want to do just that. By entering your location, the app conjures up hiking, biking, skiing and kayaking routes nearby. Get fitter whilst experiencing the wonders of nature – what’s not to love?

Apps to Relax Your Mind

Waking up in the morning can be both a challenge and also a convenient excuse to postpone exercise until later in the day. Yoga Wake Up devises your morning routine to get the day off to a flying start – in 10 minutes. Yoga benefits your physical and mental well-being, so why not practice a spot in the same time frame it takes your alarm to snooze?

​Diet Apps

If you’re hoping to live a more health-conscious life, then you’ll know that exercise isn’t everything. Maintaining a good diet is key if you’re serious about your general well-being, and apps make it all the easier. Worried your not eating all the right nutrients? Fooducate helps you track what you eat in line with everything from calorie quality to how you budget your supermarket shop. By doing so, it provides a platform to help you meet your goals.

Sticking to a goal is hard, but when we monitor and evaluate our progress, we can not only achieve, but even surpass them. Whether you’re an Apple or iOS user, a gym addict or yoga junkie, technology can be the bridge that you need to living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Top Image by N i c o l a, used under Creative Commons License (CC by 2.0)


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