Is Geoengineering the Cause of High Levels of Aluminum in Bumblebees?


By Kristan T. Harris

Recent University Study Shows High Levels of Aluminum in Bumblebees Maybe the Cause of Decline in Population

A recent study published on the journal Public Library of Science One, links aluminum as a contributing factor to the decline of bumblebees. There has been much debate on what is causing the rapid loss of the insect species, from pesticides to pollution.

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The University of Sussex study titled Bumblebee Pupae Contain High Levels of Aluminum shows that:

Mean aluminum content was shown to be a significant negative predictor of average pupal weight in colonies. While no other statistically significant relationships were found relating aluminum to bee or colony health, the actual content of aluminum in pupae are extremely high and demonstrate significant exposure to aluminum.

Bees rely heavily on cognitive function and aluminum is a known neurotoxin with links, for example, to Alzheimer’s disease in humans. The significant contamination of bumblebee pupae by aluminum raises the intriguing spectre of cognitive dysfunction playing a role in their population decline.

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University of Pittsburgh study published that “bees are at risk of ingesting toxic amounts of aluminum and nickel found in flowers growing in polluted soil.”

So where is the aluminum coming from? One cause could be from geoengineering experiments. A short time ago, military whistle-bower Kristen Meghan came forward and exposed aluminum barium as an ingredient in weather modification. Air, soil and water all tested positive for Aluminum Barium, Strontium Oxide and Sulfates.
Meghan told Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change that:

“Part of my job was to sample soil, air and water. So thats what I did. I air sampled the soil, the air and the water and due to my profession I know at which levels are limits of detection.”

Many disputed Meghan’s story, including Joe Rogan. Eerily enough, what Meghan described on Rogan’s show is now being openly discussed in the MSM.

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