Crib Safety in 5 Steps


Every mother is looking to protect her baby as best as she can. What is most frightening is the number of things that can go wrong, even when the baby is on a crib.

Sometimes you can do everything starting from checking the ingredients on the baby lotion to wellness checkups – but might forget the most basic threats. A baby’s crib is where the most time in spent and needs to be protected will. Here are five steps to ensure your baby’s safety:

Check Crib for Faults

Before you purchase a crib it is important to check the design for faults. In case it is a DIY kit make sure you understand where each part goes. Before making the final payment check if all the components of the assembly are present and are in a good condition.

Also in case you are planning to use an antique crib make sure it meets the regulations and is in a good condition. It is always advisable to buy a new crib as it is the place where your infant will spend most of his or her time.

Ensure Proper Assembly

Make sure that the crib has been put together to the T. Even if the vendor is assembling it themselves make sure you check the crib for missing parts.

Many a time what happens is that the crib holds steady initially but collapses over a period of time.

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Secure Mattress Size

Every parent wants their baby to have the best sleep in the world. This results in the purchase of fancy mattresses, bumpers and stuffed toys. It is always better to purchase a standard crib mattress to ensure it fits perfectly.

Going overboard with accessories can be detrimental to your child’s wellbeing. Studies show that crib bumpers can lead to smothering and entanglement. Hence it is better to avoid crib bumpers. Also, stuffed animals in the crib can lead to strangulation. Keeping the crib simple is very important.

Remove All Decorations

Many cribs come with decorative ribbons and fancy opening. Check for the spacing of the opening on your crib. Sometimes the design is such that your baby’s head could get stuck.

While purchasing make sure you buy a crib that is not unnecessarily decorative. If there are any additions pieces that might cause your infant harm you should remove those.

Use Organic Substances

There have been many instances where materials used to make products for babies have toxic substance. Check the label of the crib, the mattress, the sheets and any toy you give your baby for chemicals.

It is always safe to purchase brands that are known to be organic and that do not use any chemicals. Toxic chemicals can be extremely harmful to the baby. Apart from short-term illnesses such as diarrhoea it can cause long term damage to your child’s brain.

It is not only important for your baby to have a good night’s rest but for you as well. These simple precautions can make sure you and your baby can have a good night’s sleep.

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