Which Type of Meditation Suits You Best? [Infograph]


By Kaylee W, Natural Blaze

We all need moments of calm from day to day, and year to year. Life can be stressful or upsetting, and that can bode ill for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Some people choose to follow unhealthful paths—neglecting exercise or eating unhealthfully, for example. But there’s another solution that can help anyone, anytime, and anywhere: meditation.

Meditation isn’t just about saying “om,” closing your eyes, and breathing. Meditation as a path can help relieve depression and pain and lead to a calmer mind and more healthful body. It’s a way to focus on what’s immediately at hand.

And meditation is truly easy: All it takes is a focal point, a mantra, and a willingness to use the breath as a way to transform yourself. For those who are very unsure about how to start, using a specific image as a way to guide and direct thoughts can help.

Ready to learn more? This graphic can help.

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Graph by Club Woodside/Ghergich&Co.

Photo credit: bigyahu via Visualhunt.com NB/ CC BY

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