World’s First Scarf With Built-In Technology Filters 95% Of Airborne Contaminants


The Bioscarf is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. And, for every product sold, a Bioscarf is donated to an individual affected by air pollution.

During a trip to the Hubei Province in China, businessman Carlton Solle became ill.  After visiting a local doctor, he was informed that he had most likely become sick due to complications related to air pollution. Mr. Solle asked what he could do to protect himself in the future and the doctor said the only thing that he could do was to use a mask.

Upon returning to his home in Atlanta, Georgia, research led him to discover that in China, a country with a population of 1.4 billion, approximately 1.6 million people die every year due to poor air quality.

A consummate idea guy with a passion for the environment, he began searching for a way to not only protect himself but possibly help the millions of people who live in polluted areas around the world. Solle mentioned the conundrum to his wife, Hazel Solle, and she came up with an idea to design a product that would work both as a scarf and also as a filter to protect individuals in at-risk areas.

“I was looking for a way to protect myself without having to wear one of those masks, I mentioned it to my wife, she came up with the idea and brought it to life,” Carlton Solle said.

Credit: Bioscarf

Within three months, the couple had created a scarf capable of filtering air pollution; shortly after, they had their first prototype. According to the company’s press release, when properly fitted, the Bioscarf can help protect its user from many of the common airborne contaminants associated with air pollution around the world. It has an N95 rating, which means that it is capable of blocking non-oil based airborne particles 3.0 microns in size or larger.

Bioscarf’s website shares that the product is available for immediate delivery in a variety of colors. Additionally, part of the material used is made from recycled PET water bottles and recycled PCV.

Credit: Bioscarf

The product was designed to give its user comfort and protection wherever – and whenever – it’s needed. That means it can be used while one is riding their bike, on a bus or plane, or while visiting a country with poor air quality.

For every Bioscarf sold, the company will donate one scarf to a person affected by air pollution. At present, the entrepreneurs are working to donate a large part of the company’s first production run to Standing Rock protestors camped out near Cannon Ball, ND. Bioscarfs will also be donated to victims of the fires currently raging in the southern part of the United States.

Credit: Bioscarf

Hazel Solle explains:

“Experts say that over 2 billion kids around the world are breathing toxic air and nobody is talking about it. It’s time to not only raise awareness about this issue but to more importantly give many of the people at risk who don’t have the means to protect themselves something to help them combat it on a daily basis.”

Anyone who seeks a fashionable and functional scarf – while at the same time seeks to turn the tide on air pollution-related sicknesses around the world – might benefit from a Bioscarf. The co-founder relays that if one orders now, they could obtain it just in time for the holidays! Learn more by visiting the Bioscarf website.

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