How Truth Gets Lost


By Lanaria Amberkira, The Netherlands

In mainstream, alternative, and social media, truth is difficult to both search out and find. Governments and world leaders already represent the establishment and no the people. Even when the holy books were written, truth was hidden by the rulers in that period and manipulated to their favor and to show their own insights. Now, it is more important than ever to listen to your inner voice and let your conscience speak.

Even in your own life, truth is a colored truth. It is your truth. And it’s very easy to get lost on the path because truth is sometimes hard to handle. The further you get away from your own path, the further toward being susceptible to half-truths and lies one becomes. And what makes it worse is that the lie eventually becomes your truth and you live your life based on the lie. You lose the child within you.

I personally know people who are so smart in their own lies, while blaming their problems on others and circumstances that they never realize that the lie is what rules their lives. Recognizing the denial, ignorance, and inability to change is important but it is also important to realize that it goes step by step and that it remains difficult because truth will change as we see truth. Evolving truth, like a cheese slicer, will slice a layer of truth, another truth, a deeper layer of truth until our lives are finished. This is not an alien concept to me. We are all imperfect. So am I.

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The Media

Especially the mainstream media is no longer independent. This is because multinational corporations and extremely wealthy owners determine the content. The prevailing contemporary media report what their owners have served up (or decide not to serve up) so that no information ever gets through. Indeed, no information is still information. This is why it is so important to fact check and do proper research to ensure that the information is correct.

For instance, remember the Panama Papers, where the information was incredibly colored and where a large team of journalists just took everything that was presented to them and ran with it. What immediately struck me was the one-sided reporting of the names of the person and the nations they belonged to. Almost all were opponents of the dollar, America, and the Western multinational banks. But much more important was the issue of what we did not hear. Why was this information brought out? By whom?

There are so many false flag operations, including 9/11, and so much unfair reporting fueled by governments in our modern times. So many wars result from such incorrect reporting. The history books are full of them but, then again, even the history books are colored.

The mainstream media must seriously ask themselves whether or not they are responsible for the wars and the cruelty inflicted upon humanity?


It is always important to ask why we hear what we hear and why we do not hear what we should hear. Of course, the truth is sometimes difficult to handle and we should sometimes be protected before hearing it. But it should never be manipulated or misrepresented.

Better the hard truth than a white lie.

The main goal of the news media is not objective information but the main purpose is to manipulate us and influence us because the owners of the media want to keep up is ignorance and simply want us to earn as much money as possible for them. Therefore, sensations, suggestive news, gossip, and all manner of evil speaking is relevant. Contemporary media forces us their colored and manipulated news in order to keep the people dumbed down.

“Whoever controls the media controls the mind” – Jim Morrison

In the Netherlands, the media over the years also become more of a hatchet industry and part of other large multinationals, only the VPRO and VARA have partial independent journalism. The Netherlands used to be a precursor, an example country with many freedoms, social rights, good education, good care, but since neoliberalism rules, all the social gains little by little stripped and is growing more difference between rich and poor. Poverty in the Netherlands has increased tremendously, even by 40% since 2011.

Alternative media is dependent on their sources and try to find truth and therefore deserve the benefit of the doubt. We should welcome any attempt to find the truth. Unfortunately, there are also wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Social media is very anonymous and everything seems to be permitted there. No nuance. There is, however, much abetment and deceit on social media. Also, there are many unprecedented opportunities to take the world in your hand and become your own private media, filming and recording wrongdoing and disclosing that wrongdoing. But now there is a plan to censor social media.

Governments and World Leaders

Our governments and world leaders do not govern for the people but are themselves governed by the shadow government, the real rulers of the world. In almost all of my articles, I give attention to this fact because politics determines everything – prosperity and welfare of our future and our children’s future as well as for our unique planet. True leaders lead us, the people, to prosperity, ensure peace, provide security freedom. True leaders feed us with positive ingredients and false leaders feed us with poverty, insecurity, fear, anger, war. In other words, negative ingredients.

What will be determined in the future, however, is this immense inequality and injustice which has been inflicted on the humanity by the 1%, the elite, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, multinationals, banks, royals, and the Vatican who have almost everything already but are still getting richer. Endless wars are fought simply for more wealth and oppression. Their pride is their downfall.

From oil, to education, banking, media, medicine and food, it is a monopolistic system. Several companies are under one umbrella.

Special attention to our soldiers, police, and secret services. You are being used and you are only the instruments of the 1%. Don’t fight their wars. Don’t fight for slavery. Fight for freedom and justice. Don’t fight for a totalitarian regime but fight for democracy. Protect your family and homeland for the true values of life – respect, freedom, and love.

At this point, I should probably remain silent and allow Charlie Chaplin to speak. This is the best speech I have ever heard. He was truly a wise man.


Don’t give yourselves to brutes – men who despise you – enslave you – who regiment your lives – tell you what to do – what to think and what to feel! Who drill you – diet you – treat you like cattle, use you as cannon fodder. Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men – machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are men! You have the love of humanity in your hearts! You don’t hate! Only the unloved hate – the unloved and the unnatural! Soldiers! Don’t fight for slavery! Fight for liberty!”

(Goosebumps again and again)

Soldiers, remember Smedley Darlington Butler (30 July 1881-21 June 1940) He was a United States Marine Corps major general, at that time the highest approved grade, and at the time of his death, the most decorated Marine in US history .


As a child, I was particularly interested in religion and history. Being raised Catholic, I spent many hours as a choir boy (one of the best children’s choirs in Europe) and as an altar boy in the church. I still have a lot of respect for the essence of the sacred books and the word “love” evolution of the individual. The Bible contains many important universal truths but the most important for me is, “Love others as you love yourself.” I also highly value the concept that “God is LOVE” as well as the evolution of man into a higher consciousness and the ability of man to develop good qualities. Your divinity grows within yourself.


A very important conclusion and an eye-opener for me though was that women, in all holy books, are considered and treated inferior, while women are actually extremely important. Without women, there is no survival of humanity. Moreover, women tend to be more focused on what is better for the children, the community, and society. Women tend to be much more social, selfless, less aggressive, and less prone to criminality. Remember, a woman carries a life within her for nine months, an essential influence. It’s that simple.

The holy books, of course, were written by men. These men like to have and maintain power from the earliest days of existence. Since man became more aware of his physical dominance, men took power over women.

Be aware of the fact that everything can be concocted and that the holy books were written because of the fear of death and for the control of the people. Is there a God? Is there life after death? We are all ignorant of the truth in this respect.

Personally, I would like to believe in a spiritual, Holy Spirit, in eternal love and light.

Hinduism. Buddhism. Jewish Religion. Christianity. Islam. Respect all religions and non religions too. But God is not a God of hate or fear where pagans and non believers most reform or be massacred.
All kinds of extremism is extreme and reprehensible, whether its religious, right, left, white, or black extremism. But the most extreme form of extremism is the 1% elite, the actual rulers. How can they see themselves every morning in the mirror?

Practice Love, respect, understanding, forgiveness and try to develop yourself in a positive, loving way. That is the foundations of faith, whatever you believe or do not believe. These are universal truths, which we all should be recognize, acknowledge and try to practice for a better, peaceful, honest world for future generations and our planet.

According to my humble, simple and relative truth. Lanaria Amberkira 27-12-2016 Thank for edited. Gabriela Canastraro Kolodko
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Images: pixabay – NB

We are united, in love, peace, respect, light and wisdom.


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Lanaria AmberkiraSimply written by a simple-minded man with simple ideas, but perhaps one of Colombus’ eggs.  Lanaria Amberkira. Administrator of the page Stop the Selfishness of Greed

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