15 Foods to DO and DON’T Eat On An Empty Stomach

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By Organic and Healthy

Your whole day could be made or broken over one important thing: Breakfast. There’s a reason it’s the most important meal, but what should you actually eat?

Below is a good list of some foods you should and should not eat on an empty stomach:

1. Eggs – DO

They boost your energy levels and are simply a great source of protein – perfect to start your day with. They also supply your body with the necessary nutrients.

2. Citrus Fruits – DO NOT

They’re packed with Vitamin C, but oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruits aren’t the right choice on a morning. On an empty stomach, it’s said that the fruit acidity can be a major cause of heartburn.

3. Watermelon – DO


Put this cracker on your breakfast list right away! Not only does it contain tonnes of water – but also has a presence of lycopene which helps with the health of your heart and eyes.

4. Spicy Food – DO NOT

An early morning Vindaloo probably isn’t the most wise choice you can make for your breakfast meal. Not only can the spiciness irritate your digestive system for the rest of the day but also cause heartburn.

5. Oatmeal – DO

Protection from Hydrofluoric Acid? Check. Protection from Irritation and Damage? Check. Lowers your cholesterol? Check.

6. Banana – DO NOT

Bananas contain a huge amount of magnesium, when on an empty stomach can slip into your bloodstream and cause heart issues in later life. Bananas are great – but make sure you’ve got other food floating around in your stomach as well.

7. Honey – DO

Forget coffee – get this golden gloopy goodness inside you on a morning, then you’ll experience a wakeup call. It awakens the brain meaning you will be more focused throughout the day. It also increases serotonin levels which is responsible for happiness!

8. Soda – DO NOT

I mean, this one is pretty damn obvious. They slow down your metabolism and make you feel incredibly down and bloated all day. Not good.

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9. Buckwheat – DO

Buckwheat is an incredible source of protein and quite frankly a fantastic energy booster. Get it inside you on a morning for a good supply of iron and rich nutrients!

10. Green Veggies – DO NOT

Flatulence and Heartburn. Not things you’d really associate with vegetables, huh? Well, greens actually contain high levels of amino acids which may influence these on an empty stomach – but sure, have it at lunch!

11. Blueberries – DO



Memory, Concentration, Focus. Consume these blue fellas daily and you will notice a difference! Just a few will greatly improve your metabolism for the day.

12. Tomatoes – DO NOT

Put the big tom in the same breadbasket as green veggies – these guys irritate.

13. Cornmeal Porridge – DO

It’s an incredible detox for your body, for starters – but also improves the intestinal microflora. Energy levels will increase tenfold!

14. Pear – DO NOT

What? A pear? Yes. These oddly shaped fruits contain crude fiber  which can damage the mucous membrane and also an unpleasant feeling for the rest of your day.

15. Nuts – DO

pH levels restored. Digestion improved. That’s the benefits of eating a few nuts with your breakfast on a morning. Make sure they’re unsalted! [can soak in sea salt]

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