What Is Going On With This Dangerous New Flu Vaccine?

dangerous-vaccineOp-ed by Paul A. Philips

Now, here’s a warning to you all. There have been disturbing reports describing the ill-effects of a new flu vaccine. In the USA, on a scale never seen before, the illnesses caused, including thousands of paralyzed children or even deaths by the new flu vaccine has not been explained.

To make matters worse, it coincides with a recent Obama signed Presidential Executive Order promoting a policy ‘Advancing Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and secure from Infectious Diseases.’ The global medical establishment are more demanding than ever in their guidelines to get vaccinated as part the advancement of the agenda related to this quietly signed Executive Order.

Developed for the 2016/2017 flu season, the flu vaccine comes with a number of new features as documented by the CDC. There is a recommendations list, recommending people suffering from allergies such as an egg allergy to get vaccinated. This recommendation hasn’t been made before because the vaccine’s adjuvants (ingredients) contain egg traces. However, this perfect rationale for not getting vaccinated because of a potential life-threatening egg allergy has now been tossed out through the window.

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Furthermore, in the list, there is only an injected form of this vaccine (no nasal spray) and higher doses for the elderly with a different adjuvant, making it something to be suspicious about. Is this FLUAD (influenza vaccine with adjuvant) vaccine a stealth attack on the elderly?? Remember the ruling elite have a planned population reduction and there have been countless cases where vaccine damage has been covered up, allowing those willing to get vaccinated to be led like lambs to the slaughter…

Don’t fall for the mainstream media propaganda machine not informing you about the toxic ingredients and their potential for harm.

Flu shots have been linked to increasing the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease, different cancers, narcolepsy, Guillain Barre syndrome where the body’s immune defense attacks its peripheral nervous system and neurological disorders. They contain a number of highly dubious adjuvants including flu strains, formaldehyde and squalene MF 59 linked to Gulf War syndrome. 

Here is a list challenging the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Not a list to scare people, but to be used as part of an armory of knowledge for protecting you, your family and friends from ending up seriously injured or dead through vaccine damage.

The punch line here is loud and clear: Don’t get vaccinated.

Seqirus, owning these new flu vaccines is controlled by CSL Ltd, the parent company, who just happens to have a director named Dr Tadataka ‘Tachi’ Yamada, a former president to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation health division, the Clinton Health Access Initiative and has held directorship positions with a number of other Big Pharma companies. An interesting case of following the money trails perhaps, subject for another article.

With all this going on catching the flu could be the least of your problems.

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site NewParadigm.ws

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