A Cage to Absorb EMF from Smart Meters [WATCH]


By SmartMeterGuard

For anyone who does not want to be exposed to the RF, radio frequency, waves emitted from your utility smart meter, we have developed a simple yet technically proven product to block over 98% of the radiation.

We developed a custom Faraday cage the fits easily onto all smart meters in he US and Canada that blocks 98% to 99% of the RF from smart meters. This video demonstrates how the “Smart Meter Guard” blocks the RF waves and shows the technical evidence verifying the radiation is blocked.

While fairly simple in design the “Smart Meter Guard” really does block the radiation, completely! This Faraday cage is 98% efficient at blocking the smart meter radiation both outside and inside the house.

For more information check out www.smartmeterguard.com.

Available for purchase now

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