An Interesting Interview On Consciousness


By Dr. Fahad BasheerNatural Blaze

Recently I got into an interview as a part of my assessment. The interviewer asked me about the existence of consciousness, which usually everyone knows. It was a predictable question – yet an unexpected question for a beginner. On hearing the question, a puzzle of twists and tricks shrieked through my mind. Yes! its those twists I would like to unwind today here on this article.

Consciousness is defined and explained to the public and pupils in diverse ways. Philosophy, religion, spirituality, metaphysics and often jargon each have their own explanation and views. Sometimes its a sheer waste of time trying to explain an incomprehensible entity, while on the other hand it’s the only awesome entity which can give clues to the beginning and end of the universe. Though it sounds philosophical, some have explored into the science of consciousness. And its results are astounding! At times, its brainstorming is too. The question was a little bit twisting, just like a chicken and egg paradox.

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The interviewer asked: ‘I say consciousness is a symptom of life. In your opinion, which evolved first, consciousness or life?’ Magnifico! that’s an awesome question. And it was so nostalgic at the same time! I have heard that similar word before. New Age-y, I suppose! My guess was absolutely right, though forbidden.

Later on I’ve came to know that the interviewer was a superb reader as well as a great follower of New Age culture in the West, from the bullets of twisting questionnaire he shot at me. However, I had to dwindle my answer because I knew the interviewer was expecting a metaphysical answer rather than an experimentally proved thesis that obviously needs a scientific validation.

To be sub-optimal, I ended the scenario with a simple, practical answer – “both consciousness and life are interlinked, there is no life without consciousness and there is no consciousness without life.” Anyway, It was a pleasant experience to meet a rare personality.

Furthermore, evidence and research are aplenty to comprehend these puzzling questions which have sown many as seeds of quest in seekers of consciousness. It’s interesting to see day by day new discoveries and experimental models published in journals worldwide. I have a fundamental base for my answer though it may appear as mere words to suffix that situation. And that fundamental base had been the fundamental base for many researchers and scientist to dedicate their life – to explore into the expounding secrets of the consciousness. So lets jump into that fundamental base which everyone talks about!

Secrets of Consciousness

I think you are familiar with Young’s double slit experiment in physics. Obviously it’s where we learned that an atom has a particle and a wave nature at the same time. To sum up the experiment quickly, when a beam of light (photons) is passed through a slit, it was observed that a single fringe of light appeared over the screen (which means particle nature of photons). However, on certain circumstances, the screen displayed multiple fringes of light (which means wave nature of photons). This was of course an experimental evidence for wave nature too, but that’s not the point what we need to discuss about.


see figure 1 to refresh your memories.

Moreover, that doesn’t tells us the whole story. But what matters the most is the incident which happened a few moment later in the experiment. “That Trick of Universe Puzzled The Greatest Minds”. Perhaps that was the title which you might have read at the top of my article. Its almost time, i guess. You might have lost somewhere reading the whole article to know whats happening at the end of the article.


see figure 2 before reading the next passage.

I hope you might or might not have understood the figure. To make it shorter, whenever we physically observed the photons (atoms) in the experiment, it behaved like like particles. However, when we turned our attention away from the photons (atoms) , it behaved like waves.

Which literally means that our consciousness can physically influence the behaviour of atoms or in other words the destiny (decree) of atoms of universe.

To exemplify, our thoughts and emotions that constitutes the fundamental blocks of consciousness in a human body can somehow influence or determine the direction of the atoms of the universe which is – in other words – the reality of what we perceive with our 5+1 senses, which makes the past, present and future of the universe.

That’s the reason why I said “consciousness and life are interconnected” – like the old sayings  Mashriq (sunrise) and Maghreb (sunset).

This article (An Interesting Interview On Consciousness) was submitted to Natural Blaze and appears here with permission from the author.

Image: pixabay, NB


Dr. Fahad Basheer is an author, writer  and a trainer. He is a highly influential independent researcher of consciousness, mind body continuum system and its applications in medicine. He has specialized in NLP psycho therapeutics. He is the author of the book The Science of Emotions. He has published numerous articles to different magazines and Medical Journals. Follow Dr.Fahad Basheer on Facebook: & Twitter:

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