Possible new major events.


By Lanaria Amberkira, The Netherlands

The world is now facing the possibility of a number of major events occurring in the very near future. 1) Bank Crisis. 2) Disunity and Elections in America and Europe. 3) Microchip implants.

1) Bank Crisis.

A crisis greater than 2008. The Deutsche Bank and the US Dollar are in dire straits.

Deutsche Bank’s fine hangs overhead, above the 13 billion mark, but now there is talk of reducing the penalty, being demanded by the US OMB due to tampering with American mortgages for 2008. It was one of the banks, which “was too large, to fall.” And yet, it is in great distress and in danger of falling. There is still very little learned, after Lehman Brothers and the banking crisis that followed.

This situation should cause great concern as it is a real threat for a financial waterloo.

Three possibilities can occur when if Deutsche Bank fell like a domino and took other banks takes with it. 1) Bankruptcy which could mean the collapse of the entire system. 2) Bail-in, which means that shareholders and depositors bear the cost, but this is both impracticable and impassable, because the debts are too high and the depositors and shareholders are certainly not sufficiently capable of filling the gap 3) Bail-out, which means that citizens and taxpayers have to pay it again. This is now denied by high and low, but what’s going to happen anyway. *

How are citizens going to pay? Our pensions and our savings will go to the emergency lending banks. Our prosperity, welfare and social gains will become even more undressed and our wages reduced or frozen. We will have to work even longer while the real rich, multinationals, banks once again benefit. One man’s death is another man’s poison.

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US Dollar: The US debt is [] more than 18,000 billion dollars ( [Editor’s note: US debt is now 19.4 trillion]. The US can never repay that debt. The proof is that they did get the last eight (8) weeks itself by further borrowing $ 1,000 billion in the financial markets to pay off old debts, simply because the country has no money available to repay debts that come due. The US therefore pays their old debts by incurring new debt.

Just for that reason, the US is to keep all interest rates low as long as possible and as much as possible. Each increase of one percentage point in the interest rate makes the US debt on a yearly basis increase by between 150 and $ 170 billion. Only low interest rates could reduce the size and weight of the debt. The phrase ‘foreseeable future’ is invented by the Fed Chair to maintain space to do what she wants.

But the reality is even more astounding:

US banks today are steeped in more than $ 280,000 billion in derivatives. (Derivatives are investment instruments that derive their value from the value of another property, such as stocks or oil) Whether interest rates, currencies, equities, commodities or loans, the derivatives market has established itself as a mold nestled on the ordinary securities markets. Today, futures and options dictate the price of oil, bread, copper. 81% of them are based on interest rates. In other words, the US banks have used 1.100% of GDP on interest rates. These banks are JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America, also known as the too-big-to-fail banks. **

China is now a major shareholder in America. Whose bread you eat, his word is called. It now appears that China has started dumping dollars and is buying large-scale amounts of gold, like other countries which are not linked to the dollar. Until now there was war between the US and countries that wanted to take away from the dollar as a trading currency. America is economically dependent on the weapon-industry.

Big risks are taken (Casino behavior) because the risks are always for the citizens. They try to conceal and ignore it as much and as long as possible so it is a rapidly ticking financial time bomb when the crisis is real. (For the reason, always keep adequate cash, water and food in the house for your own preparation and survival in the event of a crisis.

2) Elections In America and Europe and the disunity that will follow.

The media is being used to create a paradigm (viewpoint) of two stories for each major political issue and people continue to fight each other. Almost every debate has turned into a two paradigm debate. The media encourages and nurtures the paradigm as a many-headed monster.

The increasing degradation of our society and paradigms provide duality, hatred, division. Black-White, Old-Young, Democrats-Republicans, for and against opponents of the arms industry, right-left populism, Refugee-Xenophobia. In North, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, the differences are even greater, while it the goal should be to come up with solutions and come closer together.

Trump-Clinton. While the elections still must take place the narcissistic megalomaniac Trump already claims, “When I would lose the election, it must be fraud, because I always win.” So he consciously creates a situation where opponents in society are facing each other. With that in mind, remember also that there are more weapons in America than Americans. Clinton: The one who has for so long been in the establishment and the system.

Where every day blacks are killed, where police officers are shot where Trumps supporters are calling for civil disobedience if he loses, a civil war is beating at the door. In Europe, the threat looms large as well.

I wonder aloud; “Will there be a new US President after Obama or will Obama be a crisis President”?

3) Microchip Implants.

As Dr. Rauni-Leena Lukaanen—Kilde wrote in the article, MICROCHIP IMPLANTS. Mind Control, & Cybernetics,

Yoneji Masuda, “Father of the Information Society,” stated his concern in 1980 that our liberty is threatened by Orwellian-style cybernetic technology totally unknown to most people. This technology links the brains of people via implanted microchips to satellites controlled by ground-based supercomputers.

The first brain implants were surgically inserted in 1974 in the state of Ohio, USA and also in Stockholm, Sweden.

Today’s microchips operate by means of low-frequency radio waves that target them. With the help of satellites, the implanted person can be tracked anywhere on the globe. Such a technique was among a number of those tested in the Iraq war, according to Dr. Carl Sanders, who invented the intelligence-manned interface (IMI) biotic, which is injected into people. (Earlier during the Vietnam War, soldiers were injected with the Rambo chip, designed to increase adrenaline flow into the bloodstream.) The 20-billion-bit/second supercomputers at the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) could now “see and hear” what soldiers experience in the battlefield with a Remote Monitoring System (RMS).

The NSA’s electronic surveillance system can simultaneously follow and handle millions of people. Each of us has a unique bioelectrical resonance frequency in the brain, just as we have unique fingerprints. With electromagnetic frequency (EMF) brain stimulation fully coded, pulsating electromagnetic signals can be sent to the brain, causing the desired voice and visual effects to be experienced by the target. This is a form of electronic warfare. U.S. astronauts were implanted before they were sent into space so their thoughts could be followed and all their emotions could be registered 24 hours a day.

The Washington Post reported in May 1995 that Prince William of Great Britain was implanted at the age of 12. Thus, if he were ever kidnapped, a radio wave with a specific frequency could be targeted to his microchip. The chip’s signal would be routed through a satellite to the computer screen of police headquarters, where the Prince’s movements could be followed. He could actually be located anywhere on the globe.

The mass media has not reported that an implanted person’s privacy vanishes for the rest of his or her life. She can be manipulated in many ways. Using different frequencies, the secret controller of this equipment can even change a person’s emotional life. She can be made aggressive or lethargic. Sexuality can be artificially influenced. Thought signals and subconscious thinking can be read, dreams affected and even induced, all without the knowledge or consent of the implanted person.

A perfect cyber-soldier can thus be created. This secret technology has been used by military forces in certain NATO countries since the 1980s without civilians having heard anything about it.

What will happen when people are tempted by false premises to allow microchips into their bodies? A microchip as an identity card and as payment? Are we ready for the robotization of mankind and the total elimination of privacy, including freedom of thought? How many of us want to give up their lives, including our most intimate and secret thoughts to Big Brother?  How many of us would want to cede our entire life, including our most secret thoughts, to Big Brother? Yet the technology exists to create a totalitarian New World Order.

When our brain functions are already connected to supercomputers by means of radio implants and microchips, it will be too late for protest. This threat can be defeated only by informing and educating the public, using available literature. The future of our human freedom is at stake.***

More control and less freedom, and in the future we pay with our microchip implant, and if we have too many free thinkers, they put you and your chip on nonstop and you’re out of the system. But they say that the new system is there for your safety and freedom, for your children’s safety and freedom.

How many lies are being abused for freedom and security, in order for us to create the perfect modern slave, caged, docile, productive, and as obedient robots, their religion, their truth, their police state?

All orchestrated by the Elite, NWO, Bilderberg Group, or Illuminati, all the same three-colored suit and wearing the many-headed monster that we, the people, feed. Should there be a new bank crisis and various violent conflicts breaking out everywhere breaks out in the world and a possible global civil war, then the step after that, when the NWO comes to rescue us (From what is left of the world), a microchip implant, a logical consequence and a necessary evil, according to the NWO. Just as the NWO aims.

We, the people, 98% of the world population, including soldiers, police and intelligence services and their families are the victims and also those who can enforce any changes. We do not intend to enforce those changes in a violent manner, since history teaches us that revolutions are usually more violent and that there then follows further repression and dictatorial rulers. The power of the strongest prevails in these revolutions that power then controls the streets.

We can 98% of the world population, enforce from LOVE and RESPECT real change when we try our true roots, to find our true historical truths, and from there to move towards a more loving society, for our descendants and for our Earth. It is for us a moral obligation, where governments are corrupt and lawless and do not represent their people, but the Elite, to stand up against exploitation and oppression. Love, peace and prosperity for all.

The world is playing Russian Roulette, the citizen has a fully loaded gun and the elite has a loose baggy in the magazine.

United we stand, divided we fall.

https://youtu.be/tBvAxSx0nAM  PinkFloyd Welcome to the machine.

Pink Floyd, my favorite group and always a source of inspiration and motivation for my ‘being’.

Lanaria Amberkira. https://www.facebook.com/stoptheselfishnessofgreed.
http://whiteroseevolution.weebly.com/ (still not ready, but here are all my article’s)

* Thanks Rainer Voss. ‘Master of the Universe,’ a Documentary About Stock Trading** Thanks: Express Business.

*** Special Thanks: Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD, Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland.

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We are united, in love, peace, respect, light and wisdom.

Source: https://youtu.be/jh142luEszg

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Lanaria AmberkiraSimply written by a simple-minded man with simple ideas, but perhaps one of Colombus’ eggs.  Lanaria Amberkira. Administrator of the page Stop the Selfishness of Greed

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