Self-Driving Cars: Another Control Mechanism for Our Lives?

Self-driving Cars

By Catherine J Frompovich

Technology is the driving force in business, industry and the surveillance-control spectrum of what’s becoming an apparent totalitarian-type of society couched in – and implemented – under the guise of ‘smart technology’.

Besides microwave energy tech devices that now are capable of opening or closing our front doors while we are away at work or, perhaps, some other apparent ‘fabulous’ fete which, by the way, can be hacked into by some two-bit, half-sophisticated hacker, we now have the push for the “self-driving car.”

Self-driving cars are the “dream teams’” next consumer commodity that Americans are being programmed and acculturated to accept, want and, especially, purchase.  Don’t believe that?  Well, please do some research about it.  Speaking of research, the intelligent and obviously astutely concerned folks at Brasscheck TV have put together a sensible, point-on-point video discussion about the self-driving car, which I thought readers may want to know.

In this video they point out a tremendous amount of common, ordinary ‘horse sense’, which seems to be lacking in the push toward a fully-implemented tech society.


While watching and ‘absorbing’ the above ‘tutorial’ on self-driving cars, you may want to pay particular attention to what is being said about the technology that will be the driving force behind them: RADAR!

If you are concerned about the utility companies’ AMI Smart Meters being forced upon you, your  homes and the EMFs/RFs they produce; microwave ovens leakages and microwave oven-cooked food deficiencies; Wi-Fi in schools, your place of employment or elsewhere, especially the proposed Wi-Fi in the sky—G5, then maybe you ought to contemplate or do a reality check on what will happen to your physiology  that sitting in a self-driving car with a radar dish directing your life will do.  Its radiofrequencies just may not be what you as a consumer-owner will want to become involved with, even as a passenger in a rental car.  Think about the ramifications of sitting under a small functioning radar panel, dish or system!  Read what the World Health Organization has to say about radar [3]. Radar in the family car?

Question:  Don’t we have enough potential problems being forced upon us from all the consumer products that contain radioactive materials [1]?  However, the airlines now are considering placing RFID chips on to passengers’ luggage bags to track them.  Whoopee!!!  More and more EMF contamination—we’re living in a sea of brain-damaging EMFs/RFs.  When will we awaken to that fact?

As pointed out in the above video, control of the vehicle is in the ‘hands’ of technology and the computer program designed to ‘drive’.  We all know how screwed up computer software is and can be.  Personally, I loathe it!  I feel if Henry Ford were to have invented the first automobile with the same efficiency of many of the software programs and computer tech stuff, we’d still be shoveling horse manure out of our garages!

Technology is being forced onto us for the apparent ultimate reason of total control they can implement as easily as possible and without our recognizing it for what it truly is, I contend.

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Furthermore, technology is the perfect addiction meme that society has bought into even though it’s making life more problematic on levels we have yet to realize—loss of jobs and employment potentials; loss of personal autonomy; loss of unalienable rights from Creator—even constitutional freedoms!  That, however, I think is the ultimate goal of the controllers and the cabal who program us into cooperating willingly – literally buying into it – and not questioning or challenging their Hegelian Dialectic principles of manipulation: problem-reaction-solution.

What I can’t seem to fathom is how humans are so willing to become addicted—and it’s a verifiable addiction [2]—to something rather ephemeral—even holographic in a sense—but very real and controlling as technology.


Can you imagine what can happen with a ‘self-driving car’? How far will it be able to drive us into further addictions?





Photo credit: smoothgroover22 via / CC BY-SA and NB

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