Was This Polio Cure Buried For Dangerous Rockefeller Vaccines?


By Tim Tucker

In the 1950s, a cure for polio was squashed by the Rockefellers before the suspicious polio “epidemic” that itself occurred the same decade. In place of the cure, the Rockefellers’ mandatory polio vaccines were presented as the best defense against the disease. These polio vaccines contained SV40 virus which causes cancer tumors.

Obviously, there is enormous financial value in the vaccine industry and a threat of a simple cure for many of these viruses would be a major threat to Big Pharma.

The history of vitamin C is a stunning, and crucial exposure of the medical “industry” and the current vaccine pushers who run the WHO, CDC, AMA, etc.

Two articles bear mentioning when discussing Big Pharma, WHO, AMA, CDC, and the like in the context of mandatory vaccination.

First, “Passover: Suing the True Angel of Death,” posted on the Exopolitics website. Second, “Rockefeller, Johns Hopkins Behind Horrific Human Syphilis Experiments, Allege Guatemalan Victims In Lawsuit,” posted by PRNewswire.

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Essentially, John Hopkins helped develop the Bush pandemic laws (Model State Emergency Health Act) that includes forced vaccination, and pillage of Americans and the country. I highly encourage readers to check out both of these articles to learn more.

I would also recommend that everyone read the article “The Origin Of The 42-Year Stonewall Of Vitamin C,” by Robert Landwehr, published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.

Vitamin C was stonewalled after Klenner proved it to be a CURE for polio in 1949, before the polio vaccines ever came out.  It was Sabin (of Salk and Sabin fame), working for the Rockefellers, who brought out the Salk and Sabin vaccines.  Sabin, working for the Rockefellers, may have been involved in repressing the truth about vitamin C. 

Explore Case Studies On Intravenous Vitamin C As A Cancer Cure Could Unravel Big Pharma

As Landwehr writes,

[Please note:All highlighted groups are Rockefeller controlled]

Today there are areas of the world where polio vaccine is still not used and where the incidence of polio is increasing. Polio remains The Crippler, and the only effort of the World Health Organization is to increase vaccination. The leading medical authorities — the editors of the leading journalsthe heads of the AMA and the National Foundation, U.S. Surgeons-General and the heads of other U.S. governmental health agencies — were,and are, responsible for stonewalling for 42 years Dr. Klenner’s simple, inexpensive cure for many viral diseases, including the dreaded polio.  1949 — a year in medicine which will live in infamy.


Should the disease be present in the acute form, ascorbic acid given in proper amounts around the clock, both by mouth and needle will bring about a rapid recovery. … To those who say that Polio is without cure, I say that they lie.  Polio in the acute form can be cured in 96 hours or less. I beg of someone in authority to try it.

Take a few minutes and look at what this Vitamin can do, how fast, and why.  

***Vitamin C Prevents Vaccination Side Effects – Thomas Levy

Vitamin C deficiency puts you at risk for vaccine damage

Vitamin C can kill every virus known to mankind

VACCINATION–The Shot That Keeps on Shooting by Thomas Levy

60 Minutes about Vitamin C showing a man on life support getting well quickly

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrhkoFcOMII

And here is invaluable overview across all conditions, explaining very simply how this one molecule can change sickness – chronic illnesses, poisons, all infections, radiation, viruses – to health.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e07P6rj2Xx8

Clearly, even despite all we know about the benefits of Vitamin C, the true potential of this vitamin has been kept hidden from the general public. It’s time that what is hidden comes to light.

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